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I’m a Business

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As a Business, your competitive advantage starts with strengthening communications and collaboration. Let us show you how!

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I’m in Finance

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Competition is fierce in the financial industry. Ensure your team is up for the challenge by improving efficiency and control.

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I’m in Healthcare

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Onboarding and training in the Healthcare industry is an uphill climb. Let’s make it easier with smarter e-learning and online training.

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See Why Our Customers Switched from SharePoint

Is your intranet software limiting workplace productivity?

Our customers switched from SharePoint to Intranet Connections to abandon the extra costs associated with custom development and discovered truly simple intranet software that delivers simplicity and ease-of-use that goes unmatched. With more than 100 features built directly into our intranets, Intranet Connections is an intranet software solution that will grow and scale with your company without costing you thousands of dollars in additional development expenses. In fact, many of our customers have been using Intranet Connections for well-over a decade and are still discovering new ways to leverage our intranet software.

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Corporate Intranet Whitepaper

Discover 100+ features exclusively built in our Corporate Intranet.


Download the Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Discover more than 100 finance specific features built in to our Financial Intranet.


Download the Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

Discover more than 100+ features in our Healthcare Intranet.


Intranet Software Made For YOU

Intranet Software for CorporationsCorporate Intranet

For over a decade hundreds of companies have relied on our intranet software to automate, delegation & communicate better.

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Intranet Software for Financial ServicesFinancial Intranet

Over 240 financial organizations leverage our intranet software to automate processes & create a culture of recognition.

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Intranet Software for Healthcare OrganizationsHealthcare Intranet

Over 160 healthcare facilities use our intranet software to improve patient care & enhance the patient experience.

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Intranet Software Created to Meet Your Needs

Why People Choose Us

Over 1,600 organizations rely on intranet software from Intranet Connections. Intranet Connections helps you connect, collaborate and create more efficiently to yield significant time-cost savings.

Our intranet software helps connect your employees by keeping them informed and engaged with employee directory, company news and executive blogs.

Openly collaborate and improve productivity with our intranet software through document management, topic forums and ideas share exchanges.

Easily create online forms, department sites, automated workflows and online training with our intranet software to yield significant time-cost savings.

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A Financial Intranet Made For Your Credit Union

Intranet software that works with you, not against you.

With more than 100 features built directly into our Financial Intranet, Intranet Connections provides intranet software designed to help your financial organization better connect, collaborate and create. Our Financial Intranet addresses the unique needs of credit unions, banks and other financial organizations while delivering simplicity that goes unmatched. Over 240 financial organizations already leverage our Financial Intranet to meet their internal communication and collaboration needs.  See how a Financial Intranet can benefit your financial organization and your employees – Click Here.

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Finance Intranet Software Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet. Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg, PIMA Federal Credit Union

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