Carolyn Douglas
Carolyn DouglasFounder
Meet Carolyn Douglas, our Founder and leader in all things intranet. Her commitment and passion to leading a collaborative team focused on simplicity with software and empathy with customers has led to the creation of business intranet software serving 1000+ customers worldwide.

Carolyn’s story is an unorthodox one. She got her start as an Intranet Manager for the District of North Vancouver. Starting out as an end-user, she built the District’s Intranet to maximize on the “keep it simple” concept and created an environment where all staff participated and were welcome to publish and contribute to the intranet.

She went on to launch the Intranet Connections brand in September of 1999 as the first true out-of-the-box intranet experience. Intranet Connections has consistently grown in revenue, profitability and customer acquisition. Her goal has always been to build a superior intranet software based on what the customer wants, trusts and expects.

Carolyn lives in North Vancouver and shares her passion of intranets, culture and leadership with that of being a mom to her 10 year old son. Her self-proclaimed three things she cannot live without: integrity, simplicity and flip-flops.

Rob Nikkel
Rob NikkelCEO
Introducing Rob Nikkel, CEO and product development champion. Since 2002, Rob has been working with organizations on how to strategically leverage web technology so it improves how they conduct their business and serve their customers.

Rob’s passion for science, technology, and how things work, has led him to the field of software. Since software has a major impact on our modern world, and has a high rate of change, Rob always finds exciting ways to innovate. He has built many applications that have helped transition standalone desktop software to client/server, web applications and cloud solutions.

In his work on custom, and turnkey, intranet solutions, Rob has seen how these digital workplaces can facilitate corporate communication, cultural change, streamline processes and give businesses a competitive advantage. In this regard, he focuses on building highly intuitive and usable products where users don’t require a manual.

Rob grew up in North Vancouver, where he currently resides with his wife and their family of three kids, a dog and a cat. When he isn’t at the office or spending time with his family, Rob can be found at the ice rink playing hockey or cycling. He values simplicity, integrity and work/life balance.

Intranet Connections: A Company with Values

Our team is full of creative souls who strive to work towards making an impact. Our software company lives and breathes the following core values, infusing them into our day-to-day and in how we build relationships with our customers and design and develop our intranet software:


The core concept that drove the creation of Intranet Connections software was KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). As our company grows, the concept of simplicity has evolved into a more customer-centric version where we ask “How can we make life simpler?”


We bring energy and enthusiasm to our work, so our customers can have a positive experience doing their work. We believe that as a team, we can tackle hurdles and achieve great things, and that our software can inspire a positive workplace.


We have survived this many years because of our continued product innovation, integrity and authenticity. We have inspired intranet champions and advocates, and are proud to have customers that have been with us for over a decade, still going strong!


How an intranet makes an employee feel, and they ways in which they interact with it, are very important to us. We build innovative and creative interfaces that are easy-to-use with robust functionality to support them. It is a very creative process.


The relationships we build with our customers, and the connections we make, is what sets us apart. It’s not just about selling software – you can’t make an impact with just technology. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and truly listen to their needs.