Meet Carolyn Douglas, our founder and leader in all things intranet. Her commitment and passion to leading a collaborative team focused on simplicity with software and empathy with customers has led to the creation of business intranet software serving 1600 customers worldwide.

Carolyn’s story is an unorthodox one. She got her start as an Intranet Manager for the District of North Vancouver. Starting out as an end-user, she built the District’s Intranet to maximize on the “keep it simple” concept and created an intranet environment where all staff participated and were welcome to publish and contribute to the intranet.

Carolyn went on to create the Intranet Connections brand and launched our intranet software in September of 1999 as the first true out-of-the-box intranet experience.

Intranet Connections has consistently grown in revenue, profitability and customer acquisition. Carolyn’s goal has always been to build a superior intranet software based on what the customer wants, trusts and expects. She has created a software company where usability trumps technology and her success has been achieved through the concepts of fostering empathy, leadership, and entrepreneurship among her team.

Carolyn lives in North Vancouver and shares her passion of intranets, culture and leadership with that of being a mom to her 9 year old son. Her self-proclaimed three things she cannot live without: integrity, simplicity and flip-flops.

Carolyn’s Top Blog Posts: