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What is Intranet Connections?

Our Intranet Solution has helped thousands of professionals simplify their work life since 1999.

Like a true ‘90s Baby’, we bridge the gap between the newest technology advancements and our people-centric work ethics.

We understand that people drive successful businesses and the right tools will help. See what our customers are saying.

Why We Started Intranet Connections

So what is Intranet Connections? Established in 1999, Intranet Connections has a rich history in the intranet software industry.  We have worked with banks, credit unions, hospitals, hospices, medical services, government agencies, financial firms, technology companies and manufacturers/distributors, some of which have been with us from Day 1.

We recognized the industries that loved our software and created a customized product offering to ensure their intranet met their specific needs; Corporate, Finance, and Healthcare. Take a look at some of our wicked-awesome clients.

When it comes to an on-premise Intranet Software, we are all that and a bag of chips! We have thrived in the competitive industry of social and business software and awarded for such with amazing product advocates from our clients and Top Document Management Software by Capterra.

Our core values have helped us develop a strong foundation. If I may quote a little Fresh Prince; In North Vancouver, born-and-raised, on our values, we spent all our days! Woven into the fabric of our company and software, we strive to embody Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity, and Empathy. SPICE up your life!

Core Values


“I saw a future for Intranet Connections; an opportunity to be innovative with our software, to share ideas and experiences with our customers, and to simplify the way in which we all work! I’ll continue my commitment to the diverse customers, and team members, that embody our values.”



To support positivity and efficiency in workplaces with intuitive software and exceptional service.


Make quick and accurate decisions wherever and whenever you work.

Our Happily Ever After…

Intranet Connections’ story is an unorthodox one. It was created by an end-user who wanted to ‘keep it simple’ by creating an environment for all staff to participate, publish and contribute to the intranet.

What is Intranet Connections? Intranet Connections was the first true out-of-the-box intranet experience. The goal? To build a superior intranet software based on what the customer wants, trusts, and expects.

We know how digital workplaces can facilitate corporate communication, cultural change, streamline processes and give businesses a competitive advantage. In this regard, we focus on building highly intuitive and usable products where users don’t require a manual. Request your live intranet demo.

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