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Intranet Connections

How Amica Eased The Growing Pains Of Acquisitions

During a series of acquisitions, Amica needed a centralized location for information sharing, online forms, and communication

Amica Case Study

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Intranet Customers

Manual to Automated ServicesManual to Automated Services

Approval processes that flow through multiple people risk the potential to be lost or forgotten. Move the process online to promote efficiency and reduce human error.

Information SharingInformation Sharing

During rapid expansions, communication can often become fragmented or ambiguous. Improve internal communication with a central location and 4 tools to distribute information.

Online Form BuilderOnline Form Builder

Between accounting, HR and the wellness department, hundreds of previously manual forms and business processes moved online, reducing room for error or lost/forgotten tasks.

Centralized DocumentsCentralized Documents

Standards, policies and manuals are kept up to date with non-technical users authorized to contribute content updates. Outdated documents are archived.

Improved Patient CareImproved Patient Care

Incident reports were migrated from emails to an online system that kept them organized, broadcasted and enabled preventative measures to be communicated in real time.

Enabled Non-technical adminEnabled Non-Technical Admin

Intranet Connections offers an out-of-the-box intranet solution where the features and functionality are pre-built. No IT team or third party consultants required.

Download Amica’s Case Study Now