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Benefits of a Bank Intranet Software

Create Instantly Searchable DocumentsCreate Instantly Searchable Documents

Centralize files, forms and policies to allow your employees easy access to the documents they use every day. Assign an adminwho’s responsible for keeping documents up to date. The best part is that they don’t even need to be tech savvy.

Employee Directory and Employee ProfilesEmployee Directory and Employee Profiles

With multiple branches, seasonal and part time staff, it can be difficult to track who’s who and where they work. Keep an active directory up to date with employee profiles to let your staff get to know one another.

Effective Communication in the WorkplaceEffective Communication in the Workplace

Provide employees with the communication tools they need to collaborate with their peers within their own department, across all locations or company wide. Tools like live chat, discussion forums, message boards and company news.

Business Intranet SolutionsBusiness Intranet Solutions

Leverage your Bank Intranet to improve employee satisfaction. Build a compliance checklist in your application builder that is sent automatically to your employee’s supervisor and archived once completed. Create triggers that report to IT when different systems are down.

Employee Engagement IdeasEmployee Engagement Ideas

Provide tools to help keep employee engagement up. Share corporate culture, core values, mission and goals on your bank intranet. Celebrate employees on their birthdays and work anniversaries. Generate community sites, message boards, event calendars and more.

IT-Free CustomizationIT-Free Customization

Create a bank intranet that your employees will actually use, and are able to use. Update documents without the help of IT, with drag and drop functionality, create dynamic forms and redesign the website, all with a no tech experience required.

Our Customers

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Tim McCoy

“I can tell you that Intranet Connections has more than paid for itself many times over in time-savings and cost-savings our employees reap from this comprehensive resource.”

– Tim McCoy, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce, InTouch Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Ryan Sonnenberg

“Our time-cost savings are incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents. Talk about cost-savings!”

– Ryan Sonnenberg, Human Resources Officer, Pima Federal Credit Union

5 Star Rating
Sasha Kemble

“Our old intranet wasn’t effective and had no consistency. Employees just wouldn’t use it, it didn’t have anything they needed. Now employees keep telling me our new intranet is tremendous!”

– Sasha Kemble, Knowledge Management Specialist, Verity Credit Union

5 Star Rating
 Visual Employee Directory with Active Directory Synchronization

 Collaborative Document Management with Approval Workflows

Customize Department Sites with Site Applications

 Powerful Online Forms with Approval Workflows and Automated Triggers

 Revolutionary Enterprise Search with Display Cards and Search Filters