10 Complaints About Your Intranet Portal (Part 2)

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10 Complaints About Your Intranet Portal (Part 2)

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If you missed it, check out 10 Complaints About Your Intranet Portal, Part 1. Let’s take a closer look at 5 more complaints about your intranet portal and how to resolve them:

6. “Our Intranet Portal is No FUN”

Enhance Intranet Fun with Social Tools

Your employees pop onto the intranet, grab the material they need and pop off, but there’s no real engagement.  Social tools such as an Employee Wall, Instant Chat and Social Toolbox are all great engagement tools to get your employees online and interacting through the intranet portal.  If you aren’t quite ready for social, there are lots of other options to encourage your users to engage such as adding a Kudos Application, an Idea Share/Exchange Application, a Company Store, Photo Albums or a Buy & Sell Exchange.

Adding these items to your intranet will not only make your employees want to use the intranet to increase the efficiency of their daily tasks, but also improve employee morale and increase job satisfaction.  Happy Employees = Lower Employee Turnover.

7. “Information Isn’t Relevant to Me”Information on Your Intranet Portal

Many companies have various departments that use the intranet for very different things. When Miranda from HR pops onto the intranet she’s digging for very different things than Charles from IT. The goal of the intranet home page is to make content relevant and easily accessible to all employees in every department, but depending on the size and breadth of your organization this may be easier said than done.

To improve relevance, we encourage companies to use content feeds on their home page to pull out newsworthy items from each department site and highlight them in one area, to keep all employees in the know. However, if you find that your company requires unique content for each department or location, the use of sub-sites becomes helpful where content is relevant only to users within that specific group. Take this one step further by redirecting logins to their specific sub-site homepage upon login and you’ve suddenly got an intranet directly relevant to each logged in employee.

8. “My Intranet Portal is Ugly”  Intranet Portal Design

This one usually comes up after an intranet has been implemented for a number of years and left stale without updates. The color scheme that initially you found appealing is now old and outdated but you just don’t have the time to do an entire site redesign, especially for something so seemingly trivial.

Well, I can tell you that intranet portal design is not trivial – it is a key part of user engagement. Your employees are going to be hesitant to use a system that looks stale, outdated, or even ugly, even if the content is there. However, rather than spending a huge chunk of time outlining and carrying through an entire intranet portal redesign, you may first want to take a crack at incremental design changes. You may find that even the smallest tweaks over time make some pretty drastic improvements.

9. “I Don’t Know How to Measure Intranet ROI”

Determining Intranet ROI

Your employees seem like they are utilizing the intranet, and that things are running smoothly. However, you’re really not sure if you’re achieving any significant intranet ROI. You see the soft benefits, such as the convenience of finding documents and enhanced communication between employees, but what about cost savings, increased revenue and improved business efficiency?

A well-crafted intranet plan can greatly improve your intranet ROI.  Follow these 10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI and you’ll be seeing returns in no time.

10. “Our Intranet Content is Monotonous”Varying Intranet Portal Content

You’ve been writing Company News articles, Blogs, and various content on your intranet for years now.  Eventually, it all starts to sound the same coming from one individual and your employees are going to start getting that sense of deja-vu.  Another blog post on leadership, Horrah!

If you would like to continue to hold the reigns to the intranet portal, try spicing up your writing style to gain interest and inspire action through the content being posted on the site.

Alternatively, you can use smart delegation to hand off different areas of the site to various users to add in their own content.  Here at Intranet Connections, we have a variety of blog authors who write content on a variety of different subject matters.  Writing content every once in a while spurs creativity and creates more engaging content than multiple posts from the same user.

Resolving Your Intranet Portal Complaints

Great start, by simply reading this blog post you’ve already taken the first step to improving employee engagement on your intranet. A next step could be setting up a survey with these 10 top complaints and getting your employees to vote on their  top reasons, to be used as a base for making changes.  Keep in mind that changes don’t need to be made all at once, even tweaking one or two could make a big difference to engagement on your intranet portal.

Do you have other intranet complaints and ways you have resolved them within your company?  I would love to hear them, please leave your comments below.

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