Apply The 10 C’s Of Employee Engagement To Your Intranet

Apply The 10 C’s Of Employee Engagement To Your Intranet

Summary: How to improve employee engagement with your intranet. Apply the 10 C’s of employee engagement via Ivey Business Journal; connect, career, clarity, convey, congratulate, contribute, control, collaborate, credibility and confidence.

Employee engagement is key for any organization to strive! In a recent article by Ivey Business Journal, they identified some issues surrounding engagement levels in the workplace. Since your intranet is the number one tool employee’s work with on a daily basis, we distilled information from their article to make it easier for you to improve employee engagement.

With the knowledge that there is an engagement crisis in modern workplaces, The Gallup Management Journal published an Employee Engagement Index which revealed the following information:

  • Only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. These employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. People that are actively engaged help move the organization forward.
  • 54% of employees are not engaged. These employees have essentially “checked out,” sleepwalking through their workday and putting time – but not passion – into their work. To paraphrase Jack Welch: “Never mistake activity for accomplishment.”
  • 17% of employees are actively disengaged. These employees are busy acting out their unhappiness, undermining what their engaged co-workers are trying to accomplish.

Although there is only a small percentage of employees that are actively engaged, the benefits of being engaged are plentiful. An Employee Engagement Survey pulled the following statistics:

  • 84% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively impact the quality of their organization’s products, compared with only 31% of the disengaged.
  • 72% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively affect customer service, versus 27% of the disengaged.
  • 68% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively impact costs in their job or unit, compared with just 19% of the disengaged.

So, how can you reap the benefits of an engaged workforce? Utilize your intranet by applying the 10 C’s of employee engagement. Employees are the heart of your company, ensure they have the right tools to be engaged with your brand!

1. Connect

For employees to feel connected to a company, leaders must show that they value employees. Employee focused initiatives such as promoting work/life balance are important, but any fractured relationships with management can result in lowered engagement. Example: WestJet’s CEO, Clive Beddoe, was late to a speaking arrangement. When he arrived he explained it was because of a discussion with WestJet employees that took longer than expected. He had taken the time to answer questions and explain the corporate strategy and prioritized his experience with them. All-in-all, employees felt a connection to the leadership and ‘rewarded’ him with their engagement. One key tool that can help management connect with employees on your intranet is an Internal Blog. The Internal Blog is a great way to communicate the company vision, and build company culture.

2. Career

A good leader can find the balance between challenging employees and instilling the confidence necessary to believe these challenges can be met. If a company doesn’t provide the knowledge, or the right tools, to reach (or exceed) their goals, employees can lose motivation, and therefore, decrease engagement with their work. By having an E-Learning and Onboarding site on your intranet, you can empower employees to gain the knowledge, and confidence, to do their job and overcome challenges.

3. Clarity

A company needs a clear vision so employees can understand how their individual goals can help achieve the company’s goals. Why put players in the game if they don’t know what their playing for? You invest heavily in your employees and provide them with the tools to succeed, such as your intranet, so make sure those tools have the right instructions to achieve success. Create a site on your intranet dedicated solely to communicating company values.

4. Convey

It’s important to convey expectations about employees and provide feedback along the way. A good leader will work with their employees daily, analyze strengths, and celebrate small improvements, that overall, inspire the team to continue improving. A great tool to monitor employee improvements are Online Tests. As employees grow within a company they will learn more and more. Online Tests will reinforce the employees growing knowledge and any questions that are unknown become a learning opportunity!

5. Congratulate

When it comes to feedback, employees believe they receive poor feedback almost immediately, whereas praise or recognition for strong performances is less common. As the article states “Exceptional leaders give recognition, and they do so a lot; they coach and convey”. A key intranet tool that can provide immediate kudos for a job well done is Employee Recognition. Within moments an Employee Recognition can be made and promoted on the Home Page or Team/Department sites of your intranet.

6. Contribute

A study found that firstly; when an employee understands the connection between their work and the goals of the company, it improved job performance, secondly; their attitude towards the company impacted customer service, and finally; when an employee has a positive attitude they improve at doing their job. These factors result in better customer satisfaction and revenue growth. So how can you use your intranet to help employees understand their impact on the company? Add a Company News application on your intranet’s ome page that is managed by leaders. When a milestone is hit, or an achievement is made, leaders can promote on Company News.

TIP: For major company announcements add Company News to your home page. For localized achievements add Company News to Team/Department sites.

7. Control

If a company decision will affect the way in which an employee does their job, they can feel like they are losing control over affectively completing their work. In workplaces with an ‘open book’ management style, meaning all employees are considered a part of the decision making process, it had a positive effect on engagement, increases trust, and results in employees taking ownership of their problems and solutions. Create an Online Survey about changes that may affect employee’s day-to-day work. And for big picture items, invite employees to provide their opinions with Idea Share Exchange.

8. Collaborate

When employees work in teams it builds trust, cooperation, and can allow employees to outperform individuals or teams that aren’t engaged. Team/Department sites on your intranet foster a community where employees can achieve their goals by having immediate access to information, their team members, and social updates.

9. Credibility

Employees want to work for a company they are proud of. One that is credible, has a good reputation, and high ethical standards. How can you convey the credibility of your company to the employees that helped you achieve it? Use your intranet as a brand building tool. A company works hard to build a brand for their customers. The same can be done for your employees with Simple Design Builder. The Simple Design Builder makes it easy to incorporate company colors, logos, language and more.

10. Confidence

‘Confidence’ doesn’t necessarily have to be applied, so much as it’s a result of implementing the previous points. When you have engaged employees, clear company goals, a method to convey appreciation, and the credibility of a brand, a sense of confidence will follow.

Summary of Intranet Tools mentioned:

  • Internal Blog
  • Creative Intranet Sites (such as E-Learning and Onboarding)
  • Employee Recognition
  • Company News
  • Message Board
  • Online Tests
  • Survey
  • Idea Share Exchange
  • Team/Department Sites
  • Brand Building (Design)

Have you applied any, or all, of the 10 C’s of employee engagement to your intranet? Were there any we missed? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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