10 Essential Intranet Features That Enhance Productivity In The Workplace

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10 Essential Intranet Features That Enhance Productivity In The Workplace

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Summary: Whether your organization is looking for an intranet for the first time, using an in-house intranet, SharePoint or a SharePoint Alternative, we’ve compiled 10 essential features that every intranet should provide to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Download our e-book to read about the features you should look for when selecting a company intranet and take advantage of these features improves productivity in the workplace by:

Maximizing Efficiency

Identify, reduce or eliminate manual tasks. Every company has some areas or processes that can use a bit of tightening up. Whether it’s waiting on approval processes, filling out forms, or training, there are many workflows that can be moved online or automated for a more efficient process.

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Engaging Employees

Keep employees on the intranet by keeping content up to date, announcing birthdays, milestones and anniversaries on the site. Update the company news and adding a CEO blog can be a great addition to the intranet to keep employees aware of what’s going on in the company. Also keeping the intranet design fresh is a great way to keep employees interested, and it’s easier than you think!

Fostering Collaboration

With busy schedules, separate locations, and different time zones, collaboration can be easier said than done. Using a central location to store important information is a great way to collaborate with teams and improve communication. Adjusting permission levels ensures sensitive information is only released to users with the appropriate level of security.

Bonus: Technical Support

Probably the most important feature of an intranet is simplicity. Updating documents, adding widgets, creating forms or even updating the intranet website design theme for a holiday should all be as simple as a drag and drop function. At Intranet Connections, it is that simple. And if there is ever any need to request more information on how to do something, our support team is standing by to answer your phone calls or emails. This is included in your annual maintenance at no additional charge, and no caps.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:31+00:00 August 10, 2017|Intranet Applications|

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