‘Peak’ into the New Release: IC 14.5 Elevate Experience

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‘Peak’ into the New Release: IC 14.5 Elevate Experience

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Summary:  ‘Peak’ into what we have in store with the IC 14.5: Elevate Experience software release.

At IC, we’re passionate about elevating the employee experience & helping our customers build thriving work environments. It’s why our customer lifetime averages 7 years. We take pride in knowing our customers love how easy it is to communicate and share information within their organizations. That’s why we decided to focus IC 14.5 on enhancing the way we communicate internally. There are three areas that we focused on improving features for IC 14.5:  Storyboard (NEW!), the admin toolbar, and a compact header.

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IC 14.5: Elevate Experience

The Company News is a great way to make sure the whole organization is up to date on what’s going on in the company. Unfortunately, sometimes important content can be pushed down, or unseen by those who really need to read it. That’s why we’ve added an entirely new section specifically for highlighting the most important news and events: Storyboard. As always, there’s no coding involved. Admins are able to simply click on the storyboard icon, and add, edit, drag and drop, switch out and remove the main stories that have the most important information for the organization. The outcome? Not only will this encourage sharing, input, and communication within and across departments, and quickly connect employees to the information they need to succeed, it allows for deeper insights and measurement taken from the level of engagement. The first change you’ll notice with the IC 14.5, is the visualization of content right at the front center, in the new feature: Storyboard.


Storyboard is a visual way to promote your most important content right at the top center of your homepage. This ensures your audience is informed of and consuming the newest content. Social interaction is encouraged by displaying the number of clicks on each story. Whether it’s an important update to a policy, an RSVP to a company event, or a really interesting Ted Talk, highlight the most important stories and collect greater insights of sentiment and engagement with the company news.


The New Toolbar

All users will see a new bar at the top of the page, with icons to navigate to ‘Home’, ‘Toolbar’ or ‘Bookmarks’. Previously the bookmarks icon was in located in ‘My Profile’, meaning you had to navigate away from the page you were currently in and click on the bookmark. It’s always available at the top of the page and 1 click away now. Additionally, we removed links with lower clicks in order to clear space. These included the ‘tutorial builder’, ‘feedback link’, ‘share content’ and ‘generate link’. The admin toolbar is now consolidated into the top bar to ensure quick and easy access to the admin functionalities.

old toolbar

Compact Header

We made some changes to the top of the page in order to improve the user experience. The header now sits inline with the navigation, allowing for more vertical space to be used for the company news or storyboard.

14.5 Compact Header

There’s still the opportunity for you to leave the header in its original space above the line, it’s just a simple click to go back.

14.5 Regular Header

14.0 vs 14.5

Wondering what the main differences between 14.0 to 14.5 are? Here’s a brief summary.

14.0 vs 14.5

Going Forward

IC 14.5 Elevate Experience is ready for upgrades. Admins will be able to view the update when it’s available in admin > Product Update.

If you have any additional questions, leave us a note below!

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By | 2018-08-22T09:43:43+00:00 June 29, 2018|Communication In The Workplace, Intranet Software|

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