2012’s Top 10 Company Intranet Product Enhancements

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2012’s Top 10 Company Intranet Product Enhancements

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2012 was a banner year for Intranet Connections, releasing game changing company intranet product enhancements that elevates the corporate intranet to the next level, intranet 2.0.

The 2012 product enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned in 2013. However, our 2012 product releases revolutionized the way employees utilize the company intranet adding extended automation, mobility and collaboration aspects to an already robust business intranet.  Outlined here is a high level overview of our top 10 product enhancements of 2012:

Top 2012 Company Intranet Product Enhancements

1. Enhanced E-Form Builder

Migratse standard business process out of the inbox and into an intelligent e-form that allows for the creation of forms, surveys and tests.  Enhanced e-form builder includes a number of new field types, such as formulas and mileage calculations, as well as conditional triggers to set permissions and approvals for forms.  E-forms also include expanded multi-question survey functionality with graphical summary of survey response data for visual reporting and the ability to randomize question display order.  Building e-forms, surveys and tests hasn’t been easier or more intuitive. Existing customers are also able to port over existing forms into the new enhanced e-form builder with no form rebuild required.

Mobile Access to the Company Intranet2. Company Intranet Goes Mobile

Accessing the company intranet from your phone or tablet 24/7 is a walk in the park as Intranet Connections went mobile this year. The primary focus for mobile access is task-driven employee interaction to access the employee directory, personal profile, update status &  post wall, check alerts and quickly access bookmarks.  In 2013, we look to expand this mobile company intranet site functionality and would love to hear feedback from our clients and potential clients on what other functionality they would like to see in our mobile access functionality.  Please comment on this post or email us at connect@intranetconnections.com.

3. Personalized Intranet Tutorial Builder

Enables intranet administrators to create tutorials on their specific intranet site in order to teach site managers how to utilize specific functionality on their own site pages guiding them step-by-step. This powerful tool enables administrators and site managers to develop tailored task-driven walk-through tutorials that guide the user as they complete the task within their very own company intranet; an intuitive alternative to exasperating how-to guides and generic intranet videos.  The options for building tutorials are endless and many of our customers use this tool every time they add a new module or functionality to their company intranet.

4. Conditional Triggers & Intelligent Workflows

As part of our enhanced e-form builder rollout in 2012, we included sophisticated conditional triggers that allow hidden fields to be selected during user submission which can be tied to intelligent workflows for notifications, approvals and permissioning.  Conditional triggers can also be set to minimum or maximum amounts that are read upon submission, only triggering an intelligent workflow approval request if the minimum or maximum set value is met and/or exceeded.  Finally, we’ve  added robust support for ad-hoc escalation, allowing each single approval manager to escalate a response and pull in other approval managers as required.

Simple Theme Builder for Company Intranet

5. Simple Theme Builder

Build a simple company intranet theme within minutes.  Developed with the intelligence to detect the color palette of an uploaded company logo, these colors can be added and modified throughout the site and on any company intranet page.  Easily change the header background, site background, font, site width and menu color with the simple theme builder application.  Apply gradient and add colors outside of the scope of your logo color palette through the site admin interface of simple theme builder for further refined modification of a company intranet theme.  Advanced theme editor is also available to make granular changes to the company intranet design, but is traditionally used by advanced intranet designers that require access to the native design files.

6. Simplified Testing & Surveying

Simplified testing and surveys on the company intranet automates many paper driven processes, centralizing the scores and responses of tests/surveys. The automated scoring functionality allows for both the tester and the administrator to quickly review and evaluate performance.  Further automation functionality permits scores to be defined for passing and failing score totals, important for human resource compliance, certification testing and more.  Managers and test administrators can review aggregate test response data for overall trends while being able to drill down to single test responses of individual employees.  Creating a multi-page survey is also simple with enhanced form builder with visualized graphical summaries to aggregate data and graph trend lines for survey responses.

7. Mileage CalculationsCompany Intranet Mileage Calculations

As part of our enhanced e-form builder release in 2012, mileage calculations were included to simplify employee travel claims.  Native mapping software allows for intelligent route calculations in which a user can select and define points on a map to automatically calculate the distance between the points eligible for reimbursement.  The reimbursement amount per mile or kilometer can be defined and changed by the administrator as required.

8. Employee Directory Integration

Moving the employee directory from the applications category to a single directory tab in 2012 also included extended functionality and added fields to the employee directory module.  Employees are easily created as user profiles in the directory and can be labeled with title, department, specific skill tabs and other descriptions.  Names, email addresses, titles, departments and tags are all searchable within the directory to correctly identify the requested employee.  Adding the social dimensions of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide a gateway for employees to connect outside of the conventional four walled office.

9. Company Intranet Popularity Ranking

Utilize the social popularity on the company intranet with social participation popularity rankings.  Social popularity ranking allows you to aggregate the social actions on any item to calculate a total popularity score.  This score is calculated through adding positive social interactions and subtracting negative social interactions, then finally weighting these interactions using a weighted time variable.  The company intranet popularity rankings are displayed through a visually appealing popularity bar that shows the social participation levels simply through search results.

10. Customized Tag & Wall Feed

Easily add a variable dimension to the company intranet homepage and/or subpage using the new content feed widget to display a tag feed and/or wall feed that automatically updates as content defined by tag or wall posts are created.  Through using this simple content publishing tool, tags and wall posts are dynamically pulled when related content is found which is then displayed in the designated widget on the selected centralized page.  Content may be filtered to display only wall posts from certain groups or departments and tag feeds by specific tags.

What’s to Come in 2013?

Stay tuned to our blog to find out about the exciting product enhancements we are rolling out in 2013 that will turn the business intranet into the essential collaborative intranet. Have product enhancement suggestions for 2013? Let us know, please comment directly on this blog post or email us at connect@intranetconnections.com.

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