3 Examples of Useful Online Forms to Build on Your Intranet

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3 Examples of Useful Online Forms to Build on Your Intranet

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Summary: Move paper-based processes online with Online Forms and Automated Workflows. Use these 3 simple online form examples to get started.

Online Forms and Automated Workflows are powerful tools built into our intranet platform. This robust feature helps move paper-based processes online – you can simplify, streamline and automate many of the business processes within your organization. By moving your paper forms into the online realm, we also give you powerful tools to easily customize the forms, all through a simple interface. You can use conditional triggers, formula calculations, GPS mapping for mileage and other tools to make your online forms work best for you.

Below are 3 examples of online forms you can easily build on your intranet site to save time, free up resources and save money:

1. Time Sheets

Here is your chance to create a simple form. Time sheets can be set up in many different ways and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Consider the must-have form fields you would require. For example, we have a timesheet with two section. The first section is a summary that includes the employee’s name by pulling user data, a date field to select the pay period and a formula field to calculate the total hours. The second section is a breakdown of acceptable submission types which uses a number field for the user to input hours into the appropriate category. We include hours input for regular hours, vacation, stat, sick or bonus time-off.

In addition to that, we include a text field on our time sheet online form for employees to fill out if their time sheet needs further explanation. For example, if an employee is sick, they can use the text field to write what day they were sick.

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2. Employee Onboarding Checklist

Streamlining the employee onboarding experience through an online checklist is a great way to help a new hire get acquainted with your intranet. Although this is really a simple form with a checklist, the day one checklist can ease any first day jitters. Create sections for different task types to clearly identify what your new hire needs to complete. For example:

  • Administrative tasks can include the initial paperwork that is required to be filled out including confirmation of signed contracts, tax forms and payroll forms.
  • Workstations setup to confirm they have all the appropriate communication tools set up for their job, such as email, phone and voicemail.
  • Employee Profile to share information about themselves with the organization. This can include uploading a photo, adding a hire date, birth date and any other details about their job or themselves so the rest of the organization can get to know them better.
Don’t forget, you can use a Featured Employee Feed to promote new hires on your intranet home page!

3. Expense Forms

Most organizations have basic expense forms that can be easily created using intranet online forms. Always start with general employee information which can be pulled using user data, then break down the types of expenses your employees can claim and try group them together. Some examples include:

  • General Expenses
  • Mileage Expenses
General Expenses can use a date field, a text box for a description, a file upload for the receipt and a number field for the total cost. You can continue to add general expenses as needed.

Mileage expenses follow a similar layout, but if you have in-town versus out-of-town expenses you can specify so it calculates the reimbursement at the right rate. Add a mileage field which can calculate distance based on GPS mapping.

Always include a section that will calculate the totals for all the claims. You can even include a trigger to ask an employee to explain a reason for a claim if it is in excess of a particular dollar value.

TIP: If you aren’t currently using our online forms, consider picking your top 5 paper-based forms and building them online to get you started!

Secure Online Forms

An added benefit to using online forms on your intranet is that they are more secure than paper-based forms. You can set permissions for each of your online forms to determine who can and can’t view them, who can build them and who can see submitted responses. In addition to that, automated workflows can be added to make sure the appropriate approval managers are reviewing form submissions before they are processed.

There are plenty of ways to integrate online forms into your intranet site – so get creative! What are some unique examples of online forms you’re using? Comment below. Want to see more online form examples? Request a live demo with one of our product specialists.

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