3 Organizations That Benefit The Most From A New Company Intranet

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3 Organizations That Benefit The Most From A New Company Intranet

Summary: We’ve reviewed case studies from the three types of organizations that benefit the most from a new company intranet.

When it comes to improving efficiency, keeping staff up to date on policies, automating processes and improving communication, a company intranet is a vital organ to the heartbeat of many different types of organizations. So what happens if it’s your first time seeking a company intranet? Or if your homegrown solutions have become too draining for IT, or too expensive to maintain?

Whether you’re experiencing any of the following, Intranet Connections has can help you solve your problems!

  • A small to midsize company who has recognized the need for a company intranet.
  • An organization with an in-house intranet that’s become more of a hassle than it’s worth.
  • Are currently with SharePoint and are looking for a SharePoint alternative to reduce costs and free up IT’s time.

Looking To Get Your First Company Intranet?

Many of our clients were tasked with finding a company intranet to resolve an assortment of issues. Rio Rancho Public Schools evaluated their options and purchased their company intranet from Intranet Connections in 2001. The leading factor to why they went with Intranet Connections was the simple installation and server setup. They estimate that the improved communications, automated workflows and organized resources save them over $500,000 a year. PIMA Federal Credit Union and Redwood Capital Bank experienced similar success stories, and although the three companies had differing reasons, the result was the same for all three clients. Introducing a company intranet improved productivity and reduced costs.

Considering Outsourcing Your Intranet?

Anderson Hospital decided to outsource their company intranet in 2006. The strain of their intranet needs had become too time-consuming for the IT department. They needed a non-technical solution that was simple to update. Functionality was lacking with Verity Credit Union‘s homegrown solution. They also found it difficult to keep content up to date or locate valuable resources. It was time to outsource to an easy-to-use intranet software that wouldn’t require the IT department every time a policy had to be updated. 

When assessing the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing an intranet, make sure to consider these three questions:

  • How does the IT department feel about the current intranet? Is it a burden? Are they overworked, falling behind or unable to complete all tasks assigned to them?
  • Is content up to date? Is the Company Intranet the go-to source for information on standards, policies, manuals, forms, documents and company announcements?
  • Are there security concerns with the current intranet?

IT has a lot on their plate. Give them a foot up by relieving the pressure of constant updating the company intranet content or security settings.

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Exploring Cost-Effective and Non-Technical Versions of Sharepoint?

SharePoint is a great solution for large companies with thousands of employees and a massive budget. For those who don’t have entire IT teams designated to the upkeep and maintenance, or who don’t have the ability to pay $20usd per user per month, a more practical solution would be to seek out a SharePoint alternative.

Westminster Canterbury was a SharePoint customer when they sought our services. They were enduring costly and time-consuming projects that should be quite simple, such as rebranding the site. In fact, no changes could be handled by a non-IT employee and they were stuck with expensive third-party SharePoint consultancy fees. They aren’t the only client of ours who found SharePoint to be too complicated and expensive, Diversified Search made the switch and was up and running in 90 days. The Intouch Credit Union were faced with plenty of challenges they needed intranet solutions for including expense reporting, streamlining standard operating procedures, onboarding new employees, and internal communications. With SharePoint requiring expensive third party consultants to customize fields, it was more feasible to go with a SharePoint Alternative.

A company intranet should offer the features and functionality that fit your organization. For more information on how Intranet Connections can make your office more efficient, leave us a comment below.


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