3 Steps to Designing an Effective Intranet Theme

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3 Steps to Designing an Effective Intranet Theme

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Summary: 3 tips for designing an effective intranet theme that boosts engagement and intranet adoption.

Is your company’s intranet usage at an all-time low? Are you tired of looking at the same old, outdated intranet theme? Then it’s probably time to redesign your intranet theme!

There are countless ways to design an intranet, but coming up with an effective design that looks great can be a laborious task. If you want employees to use your intranet, I recommend putting some effort into your design because nobody wants to look at clashing colors and outdated gradients. The truth is that bad design will drive users away from your intranet no matter how interesting your content is. If you can’t remember the last time you updated your intranet theme, it’s probably due for a redesign.

At Intranet Connections we use a different intranet theme design for each department and we also have a separate theme for our intranet home page. We update these themes regularly to keep intranet engagement up and to keep employees in high spirits by seeing each other photoshopped onto various things (we like to think we’re pretty funny).

Whether you’re launching a new intranet or revamping your old one, follow the three steps below to ensure you will achieve successful intranet adoption with your intranet theme.

1. Decide on a relevant theme

It’s important to put some thought into your new design before you jump in. Try to choose an intranet theme that’s relevant to your company, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it! Do you have quarterly themes, fun mottos, or important celebrations or events coming up? Perhaps you can design a theme that reflects the current season or an upcoming holiday.

Things like these can be a great inspiration for your new intranet design. For example, we recently chose to create a Seinfeld inspired theme for our marketing department because our slogan this quarter happens to be a Seinfeld quote. If you need ideas, be sure to ask other end users for input!

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2. Choose a color scheme and keep it modern

If your company has a style guide this is a great resource to use as brand consistency is important. It makes your intranet more recognizable which helps employees relate easier and creates effortless intranet adoption. Otherwise using the color scheme of your public website or even logo is a great place to start. Here are a few tips for keeping your intranet theme looking trendy in 2016:

  • Flat design is in! This means stay away from heavy textures, drop shadows, and gradients.
  • Bold, vibrant colors are great but too many together can be an eye sore.
  • Keep it simple. The popularity of monochromatic color schemes is rising.
  • Negative space is your friend and a key ingredient in a clean, minimalist design.

3. Update your intranet theme!

Have you decided on a theme and chosen a color scheme? Then it’s time to get your new intranet theme up and running! If you plan to use the color palette of your logo, you can simply upload your logo to our Simple Design Builder and it will create a color scheme for you.

We have made it easy to modify almost any aspect of your intranet, so you can completely personalize it using the Advanced Design Editor. Navigate to the design tab in admin, select from the dropdown what department or site you would like to edit, then click on ‘Advanced Editor’. Here you should find almost all the customization options you will need to apply your new intranet theme. You can update font colors, link colors, background images, menu colors, hover states and much more.

Before making changes, save a copy of your old theme by using the Save Options at the bottom of the Advanced Editor page. That way you can quickly and easily revert back to the original theme if you make a terrible mistake.

I hope I have motivated you to get out of your comfort zone and redesign your intranet theme. Go for it, you have nothing to lose, and engagement to be gained!

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