3 Ways HR can Improve Employee Engagement with an Intranet

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3 Ways HR can Improve Employee Engagement with an Intranet

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Summary: 3 ways HR can use the intranet to support key initiatives and better serve employees.

Throughout my professional life, I’ve worked with enough organizations to know the impact human resources has on a company. An HR department plays a critical role in managing any organizations most valuable asset – its employees. And many don’t consider how important HR’s role can be in their intranet implementation, despite the department being a core business function to serve employees.

Think about the role HR plays in your organization. The department is often the go-to for onboarding, training and communicating policies, among other things. So why not use your intranet to support key HR initiatives and improve your employee engagement. Below are 3 ways to do so:

1. Onboarding and Training

Properly onboarding and training your employees is critical to their success within your organization. It can play a huge role in their growth, development and overall satisfaction. By creating a page dedicated to onboarding, HR can standardize the process to make sure new hires get up to speed quickly. The page can deliver comprehensive employee onboarding through online forms, tests, training and registration.

For employees who have been with your organization for a longer time, consider empowering them through e-learning. HR can use the online training calendar to organize courses, workshops or seminars for professional development or upgrading their skill. Things such as online tests and surveys also provide great opportunities for employees to test their knowledge, all the while improving employee engagement and intranet adoption.

2. Building Company Culture

A defined company culture is an important factor in an organizations success. Whether big or small, promoting shared values, company culture and building a community can be an incredible way to create employee engagement on your intranet.

HR can include an employee recognition application so that employees can nominate their fellow co-workers for a job well done. It’s a great way to boost morale while enhancing a positive company culture and promoting your companies values.

Another popular tool to foster company culture, is through company events that allow employees to bond outside of their daily roles. Include an events calendar on the HR site to help build excitement for upcoming events, fundraisers or activities. HR can even include a photo album application so that photos from each event can be uploaded for everyone to see.

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3. Better Serve Employees

The last, and most critical piece in my opinion, is using your intranet to better serve employees. As organizations continue to become leaner, making information easy to find and readily available is the key to success.

By centralizing documents, forms and policies, HR can easily layout the appropriate information an employee might need. For example, centralizing benefits information or resources related to important company policies. If the information is available on your intranet, employees can easily access it without needing to come to HR for help.

As organizations grow, it can be extremely beneficial to hire and promote from within. By adding a careers page, you can post jobs that are available, share stories of other employees who have been promoted or even show career tracks to inspire employees to grow within your organization.

HR Intranets Improve Employee Engagement

Using your intranet to increase employee engagement can be done in many ways. The key is to make information readily available and discover ways to transition your companies ‘traditional’ way of doing things and finding an alternative to add it to your intranet. There are so many ways it can be done – and these are just a few. See how your HR department can utilize an intranet to boost employee engagement by requesting a personalized demo with one of our product specialists.

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