Summary: Several improvements and updates were made to ADsync in our latest product release that simplify employee management for credit unions.

Mergers and acquisitions are common in the credit union industry. Transitioning employees from one domain to another can be a tedious, lengthy ordeal for your IT department. Intranet Connections latest product release, Policy Assist (version 13.5), includes a dramatic update to our active directory synchronization (ADsync) tool to help with this. We worked closely with our many credit union clients to discover the impact a merger had on their organization, and how ADsync could better assist. Below are 4 ways ADsync simplifies employee management on your Credit Union Intranet:

1. Support for multiple domain controllers

The new and improved ADsync now provides the ability to easily define multiple connections to separate domain controllers. Any defined connection can also support secure socket layer (LDAPS) regardless of the other connections. ADsync will not only pull over your individual AD Users onto your Credit Union Intranet, but your active directory groups & managers as well. Selecting targets to sync, such as logins or groups, allows you to pull over only the desired users and groups to your intranet. Defining targets helps to narrow the scope of what you are bringing over from your active directory.

2. Ability to define multiple targets per connection

In addition to supporting multiple connections, each connection you define can have unlimited sync targets which have both a start and optional group filter. When defining targets, ADsync:

  • Provides object previews for selected organizational units within the domain
  • Lists the number of objects to be synchronized by target and for the connection in total
This provides ultimate flexibility for ensuring the synchronization process targets exactly those groups and users you want to synchronize.

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3. Individual employee field mappings per connection

When synchronizing employee details from your domain(s), each connection will have individually configured field mappings. The flexibility to configure user attributes in active directory is great, but it can be a headache when trying to synchronize employee details that are mapped to different attributes within different domains. With per connection field mappings, you can achieve a consistent representation of your employee details in your Credit Union Intranet.

Additionally, the new and improved ADsync provides employee previews for mapped fields.

4. Improved user experience

A final benefit of using ADsync is the ease with which one can preview and visualize how many objects (whether they are logins, groups, or employees) will be synchronized not only for each individual target, but also for the connection in total. The new ADsync also:

  • Ensures previews and synchronization requests can access all objects for a specific target regardless of the active directory “MaxPageSize” threshold (typically 1000 objects).
  • Improves the speed of the synchronization process to avoid timeouts when synchronizing large numbers of users and/or groups.

Simplify employee management

The new and improved ADsync is already available for all existing and new customers as of the Policy Assist product release. To see ADsync in action, request a live demo with one of our product specialists. If your credit union has recently undergone a merger, let us know how your credit union intranet assisted in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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