4 Ways To Engage Using the Buy and Sell Exchange

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4 Ways To Engage Using the Buy and Sell Exchange

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The Buy and Sell Exchange, also referred to as the ‘intranet classifieds’, is a great feature to introduce when you first launch your intranet, or to boost engagement on your pre-existing intranet. It is an interactive feature that allows employees to post items they wish to sell, wanted items, referrals, and tips!

You can make the Buy and Sell Exchange open to all employees to post items, but for added security, you can add an approval process to ensure employees are posting appropriate items. The Buy & Sell Exchange is a great way to open up communication between employees beyond the office walls. Some benefits of having a Buy and Sell Exchange on your intranet are:

  • Encourages communication between all employees.
  • Provides a social outlet for your intranet.
  • Increases intranet engagement.
  • Creates a trustworthy exchange of information among employees.

1. Buy and Sell Items

From bikes to TV’s to furniture, the Buy and Sell Exchange gives employees an opportunity to post items they are selling for others to buy. Unlike posting items to an unknown online audience, the Buy and Sell Exchange displays items for sale to a trustworthy group of colleagues on your secure intranet network. Posting an item is so simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply add a description, asking price, an image of the item for sale and the seller’s contact information.

2. Place Wanted Ads

There are just as many buyers as there are sellers! Have you ever wanted tickets to a concert that was sold out? Are you looking for an old video game or comic book? Placing a ‘wanted’ ad on the Buy and Sell Exchange is a perfect place to start your search, and puts your request out to trusted colleagues! Added benefit: If colleagues don’t have what you’re looking for, they may know someone else in their extended network that does!

3. Write Referrals

You are connected to the people you work with by more than just a shared office space. From having children, to the love of spicy food or a well pressed shirt, you can write a referral of people and places you love! This is a great place for employees to find last minute babysitters or pick an amazing restaurant. Who needs review sites when you have personal references right at your fingertips?

Tip: Organize your Buy and Sell Exchange on your intranet by category and create a category for ‘Referrals’. This is a great custom ‘hack’ that results in increased intranet engagement.

4. Share Information

Similar to referrals, this is the go-to spot for local insight into the businesses around the office. Is there a great deal at the grocery store nearby? A coupon code available for a tech gadgets online? Do you know the coffee shops with the best loyalty programs? You, and your colleagues, have unique insights. The Buy and Sell Exchange is a feature that opens a door for communication and comradery. With the Buy and Sell Exchange, your intranet will feel interactive and your employees will feel connected.

Are you using the Buy and Sell Exchange on your intranet? Tell us about it by commenting below!


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