4 Ways to Increase Employee Adoption with Intranet Designs

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4 Ways to Increase Employee Adoption with Intranet Designs

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First impressions. They influence our perception about everything we interact with. For better or worse we pass judgment daily. When I think about creating something new or rebuilding for improvement, the first thing I do is try to imagine the visual aspect – what my ideal result would be.

The Importance of Intranet Design

Intranet designs deserve careful consideration.  A lot of time is dedicated to carefully choosing what features are required, who is going to be involved, how it will be managed, where the necessary resources are sourced from, getting executive sign off. What we often forget is how important the look and feel of the intranet can be. We all appreciate the aesthetics but often somewhere along the way we discount the value of intranet designs. A word of caution, we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover, but don’t let an ugly cover ruin your intranet’s chance at success!

Good Intranet Designs Can Improve Employee Adoption

The first stage to employee adoption on your social intranet is to make the software look worthy of your employees time to learn, use and explore. If I walk into a store and it looks disorganized and chaotic, the paint is peeling and the floors are scuffed, I generally walk back out or get in and out as fast as possible.

Your intranet is no different, if it looks old and outdated, disheveled or in disarray, what are you telling your users about the kind of experience they should expect from it? I am not a graphics designer by any means, but I definitely know that visual appearance can have a direct affect on perception of value.

Simple Themes for Intranet Designs

One of the advantages of working within Intranet Connections plug-and-play environment is that you don’t have to have any knowledge of how to customize CSS or require a 3rd party plug-in to create a great looking design.

In just a couple of clicks of a mouse (within our Simple Theme Builder) you can completely transform your intranet. Why it is so easy is because we do a lot of the work for you. Upload your logo to Simple Theme Builder and we take it from there, offering you a color palette of options that are complimentary to your logo. Once you select the colors you like, we cascade them throughout the site for you.

If you are a more advanced designer, our Advanced Theme Builder gives you granular control over detailed intranet designs, but still in a plug-and-play interface that is super easy to use.

Boost Intranet Adoption with Intranet Designs

Boost Intranet Adoption with Intranet Designs

Intranet Designs Influence Usability & Ease of Use

Investing in your intranet’s overall aesthetic is going to have an immediate impact in its effectiveness. The visual doesn’t end at appeal; it also has a direct influence on your employee’s perception of usability and ease of use. Visual intuitiveness gives users inviting and familiar visual cues throughout your site. These may be in the form of icon’s which you use to highlight commonly accessed resources or to draw attention to particular content within a page on the intranet.

Another means of increasing adoption while contributing to your overall look and feel would be incorporating different types of content, such as video and images.

Easily Embed Video for Visual Interaction - Intranet Designs

Easily Embed Video for Visual Interaction – Intranet Designs

Fresh Coat of Paint

If you are considering launching a new intranet or planning a relaunch, don’t lose sight of what a fresh design can do for the value of your new intranet and its effectiveness.

Proud of your intranet designs?  We’d love to see it! Send us a screenshot to: connection@intranetconnections.com

To find out how Simple Theme Builder can revolutionize your intranet design – request a demo and we’ll show you how.

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