5 Common Intranet Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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5 Common Intranet Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Summary: We cover 5 common intranet mistakes, such as poor enterprise search and stale content, and how you can avoid them.

We all make mistakes. What’s important is that we learn from those mistakes and use them to grow. In this blog, we cover the top 5 intranet mistakes people make, and how you can avoid them. To ensure your intranet doesn’t go down faster than a sinking ship, stay clear of these common intranet mistakes.

1. Don’t ask for feedback from the end users

One of the best ways to guarantee your intranet fails is by not asking your end users for feedback. Your intranet is most heavily utilized by your employees. Not asking them what they want to see on your intranet is a great way to make sure no one uses it.

Avoid this intranet mistake by asking for employees input before even setting your intranet up. Your intranet is meant to improve the lives of your employees, so you need to understand how your employees will use it.

2. Don’t utilize enterprise search

One of the most common complaints we hear when working with customers is, “I can’t find anything on my intranet“. This is due to the intranet mistake of not properly utilizing enterprise search. You can’t assume that your end users will automatically know where everything is. Especially when they are in a hurry and need to look up a quick document or form. It is an ineffective use of time for employees to have to scan through multiple levels of navigation just to find the content they seek.

Avoid this intranet mistake by including a Quick Search bar on each page on your intranet. Anytime an employee types a keyword into search that they are looking for, an accurate list of results will be returned containing the item they are looking for.

3. Don’t train employees how to use your intranet

Assuming you haven’t made intranet mistake #1, you’ve successfully launched your intranet. All should be good now, right? Not exactly. Just because you’ve delivered what employees want to see on your intranet, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically start using it. Adopting a new intranet is a learning curve for many that requires training. A great way to ensure your intranet doesn’t get used is by not teaching your employees just how to use it!

Avoid this intranet mistake by offering training before, during and after your intranet launch. In fact, there are many e-learning and on-boarding features built-in to your intranet that can assist with training.

4. Ignore intranet design

While it is important to keep it simple when it comes to your intranet, a major intranet mistake people make is completely ignoring design. Let’s face it, if your intranet is ugly, employees simply won’t use it. That being said, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make your intranet visually appealing. Using the Simple Design Builder and Advanced Design Editor, you can easily create an attractive intranet design that makes your users want to engage with your intranet.

5. Don’t constantly update your intranet

Another common intranet mistake people make is not properly updating content, navigation, links, etc. Your intranet is a living, breathing thing that needs constant TLC. Many organizations make the mistake of completely ignoring the intranet once it’s up and running. That can cause your intranet to quickly grow stale, deterring employees from using it.

To avoid this intranet mistake, assign content managers to various areas of your intranet site. For example, have the head of HR manage the HR Department Site and IT Manager responsible for the IT site. Having multiple content managers ensures your intranet is being updated often. To learn more about how the above tools work, request a personalized demo with one of our product specialists.

What are some common intranet mistakes you’ve seen? Share with us by commenting below.

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