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5 Highly Effective Financial Intranet Examples

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I recently published a blog showcasing three customers’ highly effective Corporate Intranet examples. We received a lot of positive feedback as well as requests for more examples. In lieu of Financial Planning Week last week, I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase five customers’ highly effective Financial Intranet examples.

In skimming through our previous blogs featuring our outstanding clients, I came across a number of interesting Financial Intranet examples I could showcase. In fact, we just recently published two blogs featuring two of our financial clients, InTouch Credit Union and Pima Federal Credit Union – I encourage you to check those out as they discuss several unique and innovative ways financial organizations are utilizing their financial intranet. In the meantime, the following list are five more fantastic, highly effective Financial Intranet examples of customers who have been leveraging their intranet in exceptional ways:

#1: Utah Community Credit Union Intranet

Justin Olson, Assistant Vice President at Utah Community Credit Union, created two unique time-saving Human Resources (HR) tools on their Financial Intranet. Employees who are paid hourly, not salary, clock-in on their intranet by clicking logos that are linked to their external time tracking system. This allows all hours worked to be tracked through one site so HR doesn’t have to login to another system. In addition, full-time employees have an HR widget for health benefits, medical, dental and 401K plan information. By including all the documents and forms on their Financial Intranet in one central location, HR has saved a lot of time answering people’s questions.

Utah Community Credit Union also encourages employees to use the intranet by only providing HR forms and policies on the intranet, so the Online Forms aren’t accessible anywhere else. In addition, all HR online forms are stored and managed in one secure area making it easy for HR to add or update documents, ensuring all forms are in compliance and current.

Utah Community Credit Union Intranet is an example of a highly effective Financial Intranet because:

  • It facilitates workplace productivity through effectively managing daily tasks.
  • It centralizes critical business documents making documents and forms easily accessible in once place.
  • It manages resources effectively which has increased time-cost savings for the HR department.

Find out more about Utah Community Credit Union’s highly effective Financial Intranet by reading:

How Utah Community Credit Union Saves Time with Intranet HR Tools.

#2: Credit Union National Association Intranet

In 2006, when Credit Union National Association (CUNA) first purchased intranet software from Intranet Connections, it was the go-to resource for information and most used collaboration tool. However, over the course of six years it became stale, out-of-date and hard to manage. In 2012, Nita McCann, of the IT Department, underwent a complete intranet re-build project. She had to re-organize six years’ worth of content in order to make the intranet current again.

In order to revamp the intranet, McCann started with a clean slate and redefined the intranet goals. The initial goal for the CUNA Financial Intranet rebuild was to simplify and consolidate information into a handful of global content libraries such as documents, forms and organizational news. By starting clean, CUNA was immediately able to determine which areas of the intranet were essential to employees and included them front and center on the home page.

Throughout the entire re-architecture, McCann collected feedback from employees in order to ensure everything the employees needed to get their job done more effectively and efficiently was on the intranet. She also included a FAQ section on the intranet which provided guidelines for posting content onto the site to ensure all employees knew how to keep content up-to-date. To further enforce the guidelines, McCann introduced an approval workflow for her content libraries, requiring that new or updated content go through an approval process before it’s published.

Beyond the content, McCann incorporated a new design making the intranet more intuitive and visually appealing for employees. Doing this not only increased user adoption, but also increased employee engagement through the new design and ease-of-use.

Why is CUNA’s intranet an example of a highly effective Financial Intranet?

  • It introduced automated, time-saving and gatekeeping workflows.
  • It used employees feedback to re-architect the site, which led to higher adoption rates.
  • It simplified and centralized resources required for employees to do their jobs more effectively.

Find out more about CUNA’s highly effective Financial Intranet by reading:

The Chronicles of CUNA: Rebuilding an Employee Intranet.

#3: First National Bank Intranet

First National Bank, one of Intranet Connections long-time financial customers, leveraged the employee recognition application to increase employee engagement and retention. Laura Pomerene, VP and Marketing Director, used the Application Builder to build their employee recognition program, “Gr8ness Employee Recognition”. Since then, employees have been actively interacting with the program yielding the average use of nearly one recognition nomination a day. In order to ensure all employees were able to easily nominate and receive nominations, the employee committee made the program as simple and accessible as possible.

Utilizing the Employee Recognition application, employees simply fill out an Online Form to nominate a colleague. As soon as the form is complete, the employee’s name along with the reason they are being nominated appears on the Intranet Home Page. First National Bank’s use of the employee recognition application is unique in that the nominations are immediately sent to employee’s supervisors and from there sent to executives so that each employee is recognized by top management. In addition, it has sparked a rewards and incentives program within the bank.

First National Bank’s intranet is a great example of a highly effective Financial Intranet because:

  • It has increased employee engagement and overall company morale, creating a culture of recognition.
  • It was designed with employees in mind and significantly impacted corporate culture.
  • It has increased employee retention and intranet adoption across the bank.

Find out more about the Employee Recognition application and how First National Bank leveraged this application by reading:

Employee Recognition on Your Intranet.

#4: USA Federal Credit Union Intranet

When the scare of H1N1 was a primary concern for most organizations back in 2008, many organizations first thought wasn’t, “How can I leverage my intranet to help with H1N1?”. But that is exactly what USA Federal Credit Union did! When H1N1 reached California, USA Federal Credit Union used their intranet to broadcast alerts and updates on the flu daily. In addition, they used their intranet to provide tips for employees to avoid H1N1 such as notifying front-line employees where masks, gloves and cleaning supplies were located in the credit union. Sick employees were instructed to stay home through regular intranet postings.

Jim Ward, Compliance Officer at USA Federal Credit Union, wrote the credit union’s pandemic flu policy and posted it on their intranet to ensure all employees could easily access it. It was important for him to have a plan in place that could be accessed by each and every employee in a central location to avoid employees going into panic mode.

USA Federal Credit Union’s intranet is a terrific example of a highly effective Financial Intranet because:

  • It posted daily, relevant information keeping employees informed.
  • It centralized critical data required for employees on organization policy.
  • It helped the credit union run smoothly during a otherwise uncertain and trying time.

Find out more about USA Federal Credit Union’s highly effective Financial Intranet by reading:

How USA Federal Credit Union Prepared for H1N1.

#5: Orrstown Bank Intranet

Orrstown Bank has a cool new way in which they utilize the Featured Employee of the Week Feed on their Financial Intranet. Kurry Swigert, Product & Research Officer of Orrstown Bank, created the “I Spy a Wow” program on their Financial Intranet. It encourages employees to submit entries to the program whenever employees do something exceptional that “wows” a customer or colleague. Employees simply click on “I Spy a Wow” which takes them to an Online Form to fill out who did what. Once completed, training staff are alerted to new entries where they can review and manage responses.

To further recognize employees, each Monday during their “warm-up” meeting they dedicate some time to an employee who has been selected from all of the WOW submissions so the entire bank can recognize that individual. This fun and simple application has empowered employees by letting them voice and express positive impressions of colleagues.

Why Orrstown Bank’s Financial Intranet is highly effective:

  • It is completely employee driven and employee serving.
  • It has helped build positive employee relationships.
  • It has improved customer service and created a customer-centric culture.

Find out more about Orrstown Bank’s highly effective Financial Intranet by reading:

Employee Recognition Meets Employee Engagement at Orrstown Bank.

Share Your Highly Effective Financial Intranet Examples

Want more highly effective Financial Intranet examples? Then share with us! We love sharing the unique and innovative ways our customers use their Financial Intranets, so if you want to see more keep ’em coming. If you have a highly effective financial intranet example that you would like to share with us, please comment below.

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