I am a Chris Brogan fan. If you are interested, check out his web site at www.chrisbrogan.com. He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies.  His blog is a goldmine of short, static bursts loaded with value-add.

Several months ago he wrote a blog post on “How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog”.  While the ideas are not directly related to an intranet, the concepts can be put towards how you blog to employees.

The link to the original post is below, but here a few points to ponder next time you gear up to blog on your intranet, in Chris’ own words:

  1. Great Titles Help

    “The first few seconds of someone’s attention are the hardest to pass. If you have a lame blog post title, no one is going to want to read the post. For whatever reason, we tend to react to ‘how to,’ and we react to ‘7 great,’ we react to all kinds of things.

    Go to the grocery store, buy some ladies’ magazines like Cosmopolitan, and learn how THEY write headlines on the front page.”

  2. Graphics Don’t Hurt

    “This entire series (and most of my blog posts) use graphics to catch your eye. It’s an easy way to get one’s attention. Screen captures help. Video helps.”

  3. Brevity Is the Game

    “Now that we’ve got a decent title, decent graphics, let’s be quick about your content. People don’t have all day to read. If you can keep your posts between 250-500 words, that’s in alignment with most people’s attention spans.”

  4. Consistency

    “This is one of those points where people disagree. I blog daily. Truth be told, I’m up to 2x a day most days. Why? Because the more I blog, the more people subscribe … That said, no matter which frequency you’ve chosen, stick to it”

  5. Market Your Blog

    “Often times, we sit around inside the fishbowl of social media and hope people from outside will find us. Here’s a hint: the people you need are out there wondering what they can do to learn more about the thing you’re talking about”

Final Thoughts

“I’m a big fan of the basics: write about what they need, make sure they see that you wrote about it, make it easy to carry on the relationship, make it easy for them to promote you to others. Seems like a simple formula, and yet, we go through all kinds of hoops to come up with trickier methods. Try this one first. What do you say?”

How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog

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