5 Tips for Creating a Connected Workforce to Improve Employee Engagement

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5 Tips for Creating a Connected Workforce to Improve Employee Engagement

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Summary: Having employees that are connected to your organization will skyrocket your employee engagement levels. Find out how you can ensure your employees are connected with these 5 tips.

When an employee feels connected to his or her workplace, amazing things happen! Your workforce becomes more engaged, more productive and better retained. The tricky part is making sure your employees feel connected to your organization and the work that you do. How do you make sure your employees are connected to your organization’s vision, culture, work and people? We have the 5 keys to successfully connecting your employees to your organization to improve employee engagement.

1. Communicate core values

In order for an employee to feel connected to your organization, they must resonate with your core values. Ensure your employees know, understand and remember your core values by making them easily accessible. A good place to post them is on your intranet home page, or linked off from your HR Department Site. Communicating your core values during the hiring and onboarding process, and matching potential hires with a core value, is another way to make sure employees feel connected to your organization.

2. Create a sense of community

Employees typically spend more time at work with their colleagues than at home with their own loved ones. Because of this, it is critical to create a comfortable work environment and sense of belonging. Help your employees feel connected by creating a close-knit culture. How can your intranet help? Share photos of staff events with the Online Photo Album, recognize and celebrate employee milestones or organize regular staff events with Event Sites.

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3. Celebrate & recognize employees

Employees need to feel appreciated. Creating regular opportunities for employees to be recognized helps them feel appreciated and more connected to your organization. Whether it be celebrating an employee’s work anniversary, or recognizing an employee for a job well-done, make employee recognition a regular part of your culture. Many of our customers do this by including the Employee Recognition application front and center on their intranet home page for a very public ‘pat-on-the-back’.

4. Provide opportunity for feedback

Allowing employees to provide regular feedback helps your team contribute and stay connected. Give your employees a voice by offering various ways for them to submit feedback. You can do this through Online Forms, Online Surveys, Quick Polls or Idea Share Exchange, to name a few.

5. Make company resources accessible

In today’s modern workplace, not every employee will have a stationary workspace. Many are on the go traveling for work or working from work. For these employees, it’s important to be able to access company resources and communication channels with ease to stay connected to your organization. Having remote intranet access provides employees with the tools they need to get their job done effectively, as well as stay connected to their colleagues.

Connection improves employee engagement

Having a highly connected workforce is the key to improved employee engagement. Ensuring your employees are connected is made easier with the help of your intranet. If you want to learn more about how intranet software can help you improve employee engagement and connection, request a live demo with one of our product specialists. Already using your intranet to improve employee engagement? Let us know how in the comments section below.

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By | 2017-09-15T09:48:43+00:00 January 5, 2017|Collaboration, Intranet Software, Top 5 List|

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