5 Tips for Company Intranet System Success

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5 Tips for Company Intranet System Success

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Creating a Successful Intranet SystemA successful company intranet system is one that keeps employees engaged and assists them in performing the daily tasks they need to complete their job more efficiently.  The problem is, too often intranets do not live up to their potential because employees don’t know how to use it, or don’t have a good reason to.  Here are five tips from our 101 Intranet Ideas e-book to help ensure intranet system success in your organization.

1) Establish a Recognition Rich Culture

Put the focus on employees by adding employee photos, new hire announcements, and success stories right on the home page.  In her previous blog, Erica Hakonson explained how the Employee Recognition application can build an employee recognition rich culture, and increase intranet adoption.  This application also gives employees a reason to login to the intranet to see who has received a recent “kudos”, or to nominate one of their coworkers for one.

2) Get Your Intranet System Organized

Provide Key Company Forms, corporate level documents and policies only through the intranet.  This reduced paper costs, and increases productivity by allowing your employees to retrieve the forms they need easily simply by logging onto the intranet.  Our Version 12 Form Builder functionality allows even non-technical administrators to create unique, dynamic forms such as mileage expense forms, vacation request forms, and much more.

3) Keep Content Close

Use the three-click rule to ensure it takes no more than three clicks for employees to find what they need on the site.  If you have 20 levels of folder structures your users will give up and prized content will never be viewed.  Tagging also helps keep content organized by grouping similar items into easily searchable categories.  Tags can be based on language, location, task, project, leadership, skills, first aid, business groups, social groups, sports, action-tasks, notifications and alerts.

4) Populate Your Intranet System

Ensure that your Employee Directory is fully populated and easily searchable.  Adding photos for everyone in the directory is key to promoting your internal company community and increasing intranet adoption, as users are able to put a face to a name.   Our Active Directory (AD) synchronization makes adding and updating content in your directory a breeze.  Simply make your changes in AD and they are automatically brought over to your intranet – no need to make changes in two places.  Don’t have Active Directory?  No Problem.  Use our CSV import tool to pull in employee information using a CSV file which can be added to your scheduled folder and automatically pulled in as well.

5) Beautify Your Intranet System

An aesthetically pleasing intranet is sure to engage your users and keep them interested in your intranet content.  Involving your employees in feedback on your design, using quick polls or Form Builder surveys will make them feel as though they are part of the process and increase intranet adoption.  Conduct regular polls and small focus groups to identify roadblocks in navigation and usability.  With our Design & Architecture Package our Intranet Engagement Consultant and graphic designer can assist you in presenting the utmost engaging intranet for your users.

These are just a few tips to ensure a successful intranet system.  For more tips, download our 101 Intranet Ideas e-book.

Do you have your own intranet system success tips?  We would love to hear them!  Please leave a comment below.

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