Summary: Attracting and retaining a strong and productive workforce is the best investment for your organization. Here are 5 tips to improve your employee connection.

It’s a competitive environment for employers when trying to keep their best resource – employees. So how can you maintain a strong pool of highly productive employees? Simple – keep them happy. Sure you could pay them more, but that’s not always feasible or the right tactic. Making sure they’re satisfied, appreciated and challenged in the office will make all the difference. We’ve put together a list of five ways you can improve your employee connection without breaking the bank.

 1. Communicate Effectively

No one likes to be left in the dark – and that’s especially true for your employees. Providing clear high-level communication on corporate strategy will improve employee morale and provide clarity pertaining to how their efforts contribute value to the company.

Consider sharing company goals, vision, and culture on platforms other than handbooks or email. Intranet software tools such as message boards and discussion forums are an effective way to distribute information throughout your organization.

 2. Provide Training and Development

Training may initially impose a monetary investment but will contribute to your overall productivity of your company in the long-run. Trained employees are less frequently overwhelmed or frustrated and will augment their ability to interact with customers, close a sale or use technological systems. In addition, you can attract and retain better employees if you offer development programs, ongoing skill development, workshops, job shadowing and mentoring. Investing in your staff averts them from becoming stagnant and will reduce turnover.

To keep training up to date and organized, switch to online forms and automated workflows. They eliminate the need to manually keep track of progress or risk having certifications expire.

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 3. Enable Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason – not everyone is their most productive between 9 to 5. Enabling your staff to introduce more flexibility in their day can increase their creativity, motivation and give them a sense of autonomy. The transition to a flexible workspace is now seamless with technologies that allows employees to stay organized and share information, calendars, and communication securely.

4. Streamline Manual Processes

Whether your organization has 10 or 10,000 employees, document storage and retrieval is often a frustrating and a time-consuming occurrence. By installing a centralized and secure archive to streamline records, forms, and documents, you can save time, improve productivity and maintain organization with ease.

5. Create Clear and Concise Performance Goals

Setting realistic goals with your employees benefits both employee and employer generating both focus and productivity. Delegate specific goals to be accomplished in a set amount of time. Employees can then prioritize the essential tasks with discernible measurability, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. Using automation such as workflows and approvals to set up employee goals to keep employees on track, and managers up to date, with their progress.

Have you found unique ways to engage your employees? We want to hear from you in the comment section below!

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