5 Ways To Improve Your Profile In Employee Searches

5 Ways To Improve Your Profile In Employee Searches

Summary: How can your Employee Profile stand out during employee searches? Update contact information, add a photo, provide a status and attach relevant tags. Bonus, provide easy navigation to your Employee Directory.

Having a complete list of employees is a great asset for every company and 100% of our intranet clients use the Employee Directory feature. That being said, not all employee profiles are created equal and after the Design Annual Report1 unearthed design trends that included up-to-date employee profile information, we’re sharing the best practices to make your profile shine bright during employee searches.

Update Contact Information

It’s no surprise that a majority of employee searches are conducted to find the contact information of a certain employee. From ensuring your contact information is updated, to including the most basic information such as your direct phone line and email address, these are key fields to any employee profile.

Include a Photo

Not only does including a photo in an Employee Profile make it stand out during employee searches, it’s also a great way to help employees engage with one another. A professional looking photograph isn’t something that all employees have readily available, so the Design Annual Report shared an idea from one of their case studies; have a photo day at the office. Recently we held a photo day at Intranet Connections and everyone came to work looking their best. A few people even felt inspired to take selfies while waiting their turn in front of the camera (many of these selfies found their way on to our intranet’s Photo Album, which made for some fun browsing later in the day).
The photo day not only provided a resource for employees to update their profile photo, it also made everyone happy to see a fresh new professional photo of themselves. You can see some of our photo-day pictures when you look at our blog authors on the right hand side of this post (aren’t we all a professional and engaging looking group).

Provide Status Updates

A status is something you can add or schedule on your Employee Profile such as a project you are working on or an upcoming vacation utilizing the Status Update widget. This status provides further insight for people who conduct employee searches so they can determine how best to contact you. Status Updates can be scheduled for release in the future and can also set an end time. For instance; if you’re going away for a week on vacation, you set up your email’s vacation response, add the trip to the Vacation Calendar on your intranet, and schedule your status to say ‘currently on vacation’ until your return date. Making this status update allows people who found you in employee searches to determine a plan of action (contact you once your back or find another employee working in that department) so they can engage with the right person at the right time.

Attach Relevant Tags

Not all employee searches begin with a name, in fact, most employee searches begin like they do on Google; with relevant keywords. This means that employees are likely to conduct a ‘skill search’ vs a ‘people search’. Looking for an employee in IT for assistance? Perhaps you need to get in touch with a project manager for an update on development? The size of your company may restrict how familiar you are with different departments and the names/positions of employees, but adding tags to your intranet Employee Profile can help solve this. Tags should be considered keywords that are associated with your position.
Some tag ideas are:

  • Your department (Marketing, IT, Human Resources)
  • Your speciality (Blog, Bug Fixes, Contracts)
  • Your position (Coordinator, Specialist, Manager)

Example: Dave is in IT and his speciality is website errors so he adds ‘IT’ and ‘Website Errors’ as tags on his Employee Profile. When an employee encounters an error on the website and wants to report it, they go to the Employee Directory and search: IT. Dave pops up amongst other employees in the IT department, but he has another tag next to his name that says website errors. Unless his status says he’s away or busy, that employee can now contact him and let him know of the issue.

Add Personal Touches

Although your Employee Profile is used mainly as a point of contact, adding personal touches improves engagement and encourages employees to learn more about each other. Add your birthday (you don’t have to include the year), work anniversary and link networks. Linking an external network to your Employee Profile is a great way to provide further information during employee searches. It’s important only to include networks that are professional in nature such as LinkedIn or a website you follow that has interesting information relevant to your position/field. Not all positions will find linking external networks relevant to their position, so this isn’t a ‘must have’ for everyone. We’ve included some link examples below:

  • Marketing Manager: linked the company’s social media networks and blog to highlight, and encourage employees to engage with, the Marketing Department’s activities.
  • CEO: linked their LinkedIn and favourite professional blog to inspire employees to learn about their work experience and online information sources.

Tip: Add in an RSS Feed to your personal Employee Workspace to stay updated with articles from your favorite sites around the web. Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other types of data. Common feed resources include Yahoo News, CNN, New York Times and MSN.

Bonus: Easy Navigation

Make your Employee Directory easy to find by including it in your main Mega Menu navigation. Ensure the title in navigation is universally understood, such as:

  • Our Team
  • Employee Directory
  • Find Someone

The core of any organization is their employees and with 100% of our clients using the Employee Directory, we want to ensure Employee Profiles are providing the right information! Do you have any tips to improve your Employee Profiles? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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