5 Ways to Start Small with a Social Intranet

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5 Ways to Start Small with a Social Intranet

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Janus Boye’s recent blog post told readers how Arla Foods, a Danish dairy company, took their first step to make their intranet social by adding a thumbs up, thumbs down rating system on company news.  Almost instantly, the new rating system made their intranet more collaborative and opened them up to the possibility of adding more social tools that will benefit their organization. If your organization hopes to incorporate social tools on your site, here are 5 ways to start small with a social intranet:

Step 1: Enable comments and give users the power to collaborate, ask questions, and post observations

Step 2: Use site wide tagging to quickly find someone based on language, leadership skills, and business groups

Step 3: Encourage employee work/life balance with custom message boxes that share anniversaries, birthdays, and baby news

Step 4: Get your CEO Blogging to promote employee adoption and engagement on your intranet

Step 5: Build a Community Page to highlight initiatives that support your corporate culture

What social tools have been the most successful on your intranet?

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