6 Employee Retention Resolutions to Make This New Year

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6 Employee Retention Resolutions to Make This New Year

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Summary: Having a hard time thinking of a new years resolution? Make it to improve employee retention using these 6 strategies!

It’s that time of year again; the time of year that brings change and new beginnings. With 2017 coming to a close and 2018 slowly creeping up, it’s time to make the dreaded new years resolution. New years resolutions seem scary because we often set resolutions we don’t intend to keep. However, new years resolutions don’t have to be scary! So don’t put down that last piece of gingerbread and rush to the gym just yet.

This year, every organization can focus on one resolution: improve employee retention. To ensure your organizations stick to your new years’ resolution, you need to have an action plan to go with it. Below are 6 ways to ensure you achieve improved employee retention in 2017:

1. Hire for culture fit

Employee retention starts with company culture. Your company culture is what sets your organization apart from others in the same industry, and it’s important that you’re showcasing your unique culture and communicating your core values during the interview process. If you’re not ensuring your potential candidates fit with your culture, you could risk making the wrong hiring decision. Despite a potential candidate being highly skilled and qualified to do the job, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be the best hiring choice. Remember, skills can always be taught to someone, but you can’t make somebody fit in with your culture.

To ensure that your company goals are clear even after the hiring process, have a place on your intranet, such as an internal blog, where employees can easily access your mission, values and other general company information.

2. Offer continuous training

In many cases, once an employee is hired, training falls to the wayside. This can happen for many reasons, one of the most common being that there aren’t enough resources to adequately train a new hire. Because of this, new employees can quickly get overwhelmed and frustrated, resulting in them leaving before their probationary period is up. It’s important to offer comprehensive training for the role, and continuous opportunities to learn to maintain employee retention.

Your intranet can assist with the ongoing training of new hires with the plethora of e-learning and onboarding tools built-in.

3. Clearly define the position

A new hire should be fully aware of what their new job entails. It’s important to clearly outline what their tasks and responsibilities are, and what you expect from them. In addition, to maintain employee retention you must provide regular feedback on performance. If an employee feels confused about his or her role in your organization, he/she is more likely to feel frustrated and begin seeking opportunities with other organizations.

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4. Be more flexible with schedules

It’s becoming more important to offer flexibility in employees schedules. To remain happy and satisfied at work, employees require a good work-life balance. For example, if your sales staff have to come in really early one morning to take an out-of-country sales call, let them leave early. Similarly, if an employee has a family matter to deal with that interferes with company time, it’s important to offer personal days and let them know you understand that family comes first.

In addition, it may be time to revisit your ‘work from home’ policy. Having the option to work remotely is becoming increasingly popular. And organizations that allowed their employees to work from home experienced up to 50% less turnover. Having all your resources available on your intranet makes working from home that much easier!

5. Recognize a job well done

Simply providing a quick pat-on-the-back for a job well-done can make an employee feel valued, and therefore happier at work. It is important to recognize when an employee or colleague has performed well or gone above and beyond. Employee recognition is key for improved employee retention. This can be as simple as walking down the hall to a colleague’s office to say, “good job”.

Using the Employee Recognition application on your intranet is a quick way to publicly recognize a colleague for a job well done. These simple acts have a huge positive impact on your organization’s culture and employee retention rates.

6. Show staff you care

A critical way to improve employee retention is showing employees you care about them. Remembering and celebrating employee milestones, such as work anniversaries or birthdays, is a way to show you appreciate them. Simply remembering unique facts about them also show you care and make your employees feel heard. Employees who feel valued and cared about tend to perform better at their jobs, and 50% of employees who don’t feel cared about say they have plans to leave their job within the year.

Improve employee retention in 2018

Following the above suggestions, your organization will be able to achieve it’s new years resolution of improving employee retention. What steps has your organization taken to improve employee retention, and how has your intranet helped? Tell me your stories in the comments section below. To learn more about how your intranet can help improve employee retention, request a live demo of our intranet software with one of our product specialists.

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By | 2017-12-19T15:21:00+00:00 December 22, 2016|Best Practices, Intranet Software, Leadership & Strategy, Top 5 List|

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