7 Tips for Developing Your Intranet in a Week

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7 Tips for Developing Your Intranet in a Week

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A few weeks ago Jonathan Phillips, who blogs about all things intranet related at http://imjon.com, wrote a great post about developing your intranet in a week.  In this post, Phillips provides some great, simple tips to help you take your intranet to the level.

Monday – Go social:

Enable social tools on your intranet to help facilitate collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.  Your business is already social so your intranet should be too.

Tuesday – Make your intranet easy to access (part 1):

Quick, easy, uncomplicated access to your intranet is crucial to its success.  Your intranet home page should load quickly and without any errors.  If your intranet allows for a single-sign on process, enable it so your users do not have to remember another set of login credentials.

Wednesday – Make your intranet easy to access (part 2):

Analyze how staff are currently accessing the intranet and find out how you can provide them with more avenues to do so.  Culture shift is also needed along with changes in technology to encourage employees to make use of new intranet access points.

Thursday – Bring the intranet to your employees:

Don’t expect your employees to go to the intranet looking for information.  To encourage intranet use, push the information out to staff.  Automated email notifications of new content, a weekly newsletter summarizing the top content for the week, ensuring that important content is displayed prominently on the site home page and digital signage are all tools you can use to make sure employees see intranet content even if they’re not going to the site.

Friday – Make people the heart of your intranet:

The employee directory is normally the most popular application on an intranet. Make sure that yours is highlighted on your site and that it answers the following questions:

  • Who knows what I want to know?
  • Where are they?
  • When are they available?
  • How can I contact them?

Saturday – Make your intranet business critical:

Does your intranet actually matter to your employees?  Would you employees notice if you had an intranet outage?  For your intranet to be business critical, the intranet content and functionality need to help your employees accomplish their day-to-day tasks.  Find out what information your users are primarily looking for when they access your intranet and make it simple for them to get to.  Build an effective menu navigation structure so that employees can get to the information they’re looking for easily but also find the information you want to present them with.

Sunday – Create personalized digital destinations:

Allow your employees to personalize their intranet experience so that they can access the most important areas of the site to them easily and they see the content that is most relevant to them as soon as they access the site.  Since not all employees want to access the same information on the intranet, it makes sense to provide staff with the option to personalize an area on your site.

The ideas that Phillips provides in his post are down to earth and easy to implement.  So it may not be practical to implement them all in one week but the idea is to get you thinking about some of the tools or functionality you can put in place to build a better intranet.

You can read the full post at: http://imjon.com/2011/01/11/7dayintranet/

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