Are You Using These Key Credit Union Intranet Features?

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Are You Using These Key Credit Union Intranet Features?

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Summary: Ensure you’re using your Credit Union Intranet to it’s full potential, benefiting from the below features.

Since 1999, Intranet Connections has worked with over 1,600 customers worldwide to implement an out-of-the-box intranet solution. A large portion of these customers are in the finance industry, many of those credit unions specifically.

Just this past year, I personally helped to evaluate and implement intranet solutions at 12 credit unions across the United States, including OE Federal Credit Union, Northwest Community Credit Union and Hughes Federal Credit Union, to name a few.

I have met some amazing people and seen the vast benefits an intranet can provide to a credit union. Overall, the features most sought after and utilized by credit union customers include:

Policy/Procedure Management

In a highly regulated industry, it is important for credit unions to ensure all staff are abiding by company policies and procedures. Features such as Document Read and Agree, Policy Versioning, Policy Review and Enterprise Search with full-text indexing are key within a credit union intranet.

Ease of Use

IT teams within credit unions are often overwhelmed with other tasks, unrelated to managing an intranet. Therefore, having an intranet that is easy to use is extremely important to allow them to pass off intranet management to non-IT admins.

Employee Directory

The Employee Directory allows for a more engaging end-user experience through the use of mini-cards, which feature an employee photo along with their contact details. It also allows for tagging, which means you can locate colleagues based on specific skills/knowledge.

Online Forms with Automated Workflows

Internal workflow processes are often manual and time consuming prior to implementing a new intranet solution. Because of this, credit unions take advantage of the Online Forms feature, which allows requests to be submitted online and automatically sent through a multi-stage approval workflow. Say no more to paper expense reports sent through inter-office snail mail!

Get More From Your Credit Union Intranet

There are many other features that offer great benefits to a credit union that are lesser known. These include:

My Bookmarks & Links Widget

tellers often move around to various computers within the credit union, and therefore cannot save bookmarks to their browser. By adding the My Bookmarks & Links widget to your home page, employees are able to save their internal and external links to the intranet for quick access.

Employees within credit unions have a number of external links that they use on a daily basis. Most are shared among groups/departments or the entire organization.  You can create a Business Links Application on the home site, or on department sites, to share commonly used links among staff.  The application even allows you to create folders with their own security, in case you need to lock down contacts to only a select few to see.

Online Training Calendar

Initially built to allow employees to register for training sessions, many of our credit union customers have re-purposed this to allow employees to register for volunteer events.

Home Page Social Media Feeds

The marketing department within a credit union always has something on the go! Consistent updates on FB, Twitter, and other social channels should be shared with the rest of the organization.  This is why many of our credit union customers have grabbed the embed code from their Twitter/FB feeds and added it into a Custom Code widget on the home page to pull real-time social media updates.

Quick Polls & Online Surveys

Feedback from credit union employees is important for encouraging engagement within the organization. A quick poll on the home page allows you to gather feedback from employees quickly right from the home page, and an online survey allows for more in-depth feedback with robust summary reporting.

Which credit union intranet features are you using? Share with us in the comments section below. To learn more about what our credit union intranet has to offer, request a personalized demo!

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