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About Caitlin Percival

Caitlin is a strategy-driven marketing professional with over four years of experience. She is well versed in goal driven initiatives and her efforts in digital marketing have included numerous successful campaigns, building and executing social media portfolios and creative storytelling. She recently completed the Digital and Mobile Marketing Certificate at Simon Fraser University to complement her Bachelors of Commerce (Honours Marketing) degree from the University of Guelph. Outside of the office, Caitlin loves travelling, has a strong passion for the outdoors and playing sports.

3 Time Saving Ideas for the Office – Reducing Email Volume

Summary: Don’t work harder: work smarter. There’s a finite amount of time we spend at the office so being efficient and highly productive are crucial. Don’t worry though – we’ve come up with Three Key Time Saving Ideas for the Office that are sure to help your team to get sh* done. Spoiler alert: they all focus on reducing email volume.

1. Reduce Email Volume. Remove All Staff Emails.
“But I love

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Best Practices for Difficult Conversations

Summary: We’ve come up with five best practices to reduce the number, and severity, of difficult conversations you may have to conduct in the office. Spoiler alert: the number one best practice is to eliminate the need for them!
We’ve all been there – have an all-encompassing sense of dread towards a conversation you know you have to have. Whether it’s giving an employee a poor performance review, asking for a

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5 Ways to Make Employees More Productive and Improve Employee Connection

Summary: Attracting and retaining strong and productive workforce is the best investment for your organization. Here’s 5 tips to improve your employee connection.
It’s a competitive environment for employers to keep their best resource – employees. So how can you maintain a strong pool of highly productive employees? Simple – keep them happy. Sure you could pay them more, but that’s not always feasible or necessarily the right tactic. Making sure they’re

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