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About Chris Duehrsen

Chris is passionate about all things tech, with experience working in the technology industry in Germany. He studied Commerce at UVIC and Tech at BCIT before joining the Intranet Connections team. Prior to joining Intranet Connections, Chris was a valued member of Canada’s Paralympic soccer team for almost 10 years.

Best Practices for Effective Online Education

Before I began my journey with Intranet Connections, I was a teacher. Teaching ignited my passion for helping others learn, and my love for technology fueled my desire to use technology to assist with teaching. That is what sparked me to write this blog about online education. Your intranet is an indispensable tool for educating your employees. There are a number of features built-in to your intranet that can assist with the overall education of employees, whether they be new hires or seasoned employees wishing to broaden their horizons. The following points are a few best practices for effective online

How to Provision an Extranet Portal

Do you ever leave the office to visit clients or share information with your business partners? If yes, you may want to consider creating an extranet portal. What exactly is an extranet portal? It is a website that permits controlled access from outside an organization's network, or in layman's terms, controlled external access to your intranet. More often, our customers have been showing interest in making their intranet site accessible outside of the confines of their headquarters. The reasons behind this push are as varied as the industries our customers are from. But perhaps two of the most compelling reasons are: