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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 2)

Hello Intranet Compadres. I’m back with 5 more ways to improve your intranet ROI with time savings and cost savings. In case you missed the first 5 ways to improve intranet ROI, here are #1 thru #5.
6. Include Outside Contributors
There is not a single organization that lacks the need to share information and feedback in a timely, effective manner.  From various cohorts who fall outside of the immediate employee groups,

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10 Ways to Improve Intranet ROI (Part 1)

The most common questions prospective clients ask us about intranets are:

Our Product Manager, Neil Chong-Kit, recently discussed how to ensure intranet ROI through effectively utilizing the Form Builder application. As a follow up to that post, this post will cover a more general overview of how you can plan for and improve your intranet ROI.

The soft benefits, the intangible assets that your company or organization acquires, come from many parts

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