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About Carolyn Douglas

Carolyn Douglas, Founder of the software Intranet Connections, started her endeavor of creating intranets out of a passion to cater to employees rather than technology. Her philosophy is your intranet can have all the bells and whistles but without employees using it, your intranet is gathering dust. This commitment to simple and easy to use intranet software, combined with amazing customer service that delivers the best of employee engagement ideas and practices, has secured Intranet Connections as one of the leading intranet solutions since its inception in 1999.

Social Intranets Unleashed

I raced into the office Tuesday morning to catch IBF Live’s broadcast – a monthly tour of intranet sites with a panelist of speakers and presenters. Our office was buzzing because one of our clients, Fathom Online Marketing, was presenting their intranet and how they use Intranet Connections to build upon their dynamic culture using their company intranet.

Before Fathom’s intranet tour, I tuned into the “Where Ideas Work” presentation showcasing

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What does Intranet Innovation Mean to You?

What does Intranet Innovation Mean to You?

Innovation is a word that evokes emotion. For some, it can be about forward-thinking, leading edge = exciting. For others, it may be forward-thinking, leading edge = scary.  Although your intranet is most likely rich with ideas and merit, you might not think it’s innovative. But it is – keep reading!

For Step Two Designs (out of Sydney, Australia) innovation is about uncovering great

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Out of the Box Intranets – Are They a Myth?

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a prospect. We have been working with them on their evaluation of Intranet Connections and I was pulled in for my thoughts on our company vision and future direction. The conversation steered towards our value proposition, which at its core is about intranet simplicity and value-add. Interestingly, our work in social media and the fact that we focus on value and

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Intranet Design: A Recipe for Success

Building your intranet is like using a recipe. You want to make the final product enjoyable, and to do so, you need to ensure that all of the ingredients are well balanced.

I recently made a delicious dinner for some friends and was later asked how I did it. I slyly said “a little this and that”, but really, it is a tried and true recipe. Over the years I have

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Your Intranet: The Power of Suggestion

In today’s world of social media and communication, the word collaboration is freely bantered about, helping us all to re-think our intranets. We want to promote community, a connection to employees, build on corporate culture, and provide a social experience with a social intranet.

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Intranet Advice – Going That Extra Mile

We are a fan of James Robertson’s book, Designing Intranets, and of his blog in general. We recently blogged about the book Designing Intranets. We like it so much that we sent it out to over 30 customers, who are product champions and reference clients for our intranet software.
I had our client services reps (who deal with prospects) and our customer support team read Designing Intranets, because the principles of

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Opening Intranet Doors with Social Media and Twitter

The recent rise of popular social media tools has facilitated the growth of intranet communities in a big way. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allow for intranet managers, consultants, vendors and professionals to connect, and to learn from each other.

We actively participate with the vibrant Twitter intranet community, and we really enjoy the dynamic, knowledgeable and informative group of intranet tweeters that we regularly engage with. Twitter

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5 Steps to Intranet Blog Success

I am a Chris Brogan fan. If you are interested, check out his web site at He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies.  His blog is a goldmine of short, static bursts loaded with value-add.
Several months ago he wrote a blog post on “How to

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Building the Intranet Experience

When you enter a new restaurant, do you pick up a vibe? I do. I can tell you within 5 seconds if I am going to enjoy my dining experience. Maybe that’s because I am a fairly visual person. The ambience of a restaurant dictates if I stay two hours and leave a big tip, or turn tail and go elsewhere.

Obviously your intranet is a lot more comprehensive than this

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3 Triggers to a Happy Intranet

Hey folks. Not all of you know me, but those that do often tag me as the company know-it-all. I like to call myself the Community Manager, but most of you know me as the Intranet. Like a lot of you, I have a few secrets to ensuring I am a successful and productive resource. While I appreciate whenever you throw money my way, in reality you can’t buy me

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