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About Karleen Murphy

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Business from Simon Fraser University, Karleen gained experience in the software industry teaching Open Text eDocs. She then began a support role at Intranet Connections, quickly becoming a product specialist and eventually moved into her current role as a Client Services Representative. Karleen helps organizations assess the benefits of implementing an Intranet Connections intranet within their organization.

How to Build a Community of Intranet Champions

Many organizations I work with come looking for an out-of-the-box intranet solution to replace the one they have which was built in house.  Why?  Because their current one is old, outdated, boring and employees can’t find any of the intranet content they’re looking for.  Heck, I wouldn’t use it either, that sounds awful! Problem is, these intranet admins now have a huge fear that they will put all their time and effort into finding a new intranet solution, only to end up with the same result. So, how do we ensure employee adoption of your new, out-of-the-box intranet? What Makes an

Top 7 Business Intranet Features for Your Law Firm

After completing my undergrad I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm here in Vancouver, BC.  With approximately 300 employees, an organized system for internal communication was imperative.  We already had an intranet, but most communication was still done through interoffice mail and email, while the intranet acted as a glorified craigslist. Why wasn’t our intranet more widely used?  Well, it was built using a complex platform that was difficult to expand on and update, and those that possessed the skills to do so simply didn’t have time (yup, that platform rhymes with “fairpoint”).

Best Practices for Intranet Governance

The old adage “if you build it, they will come”, may be true.  However, it should really be followed by “if you don’t maintain it, they will leave”.  This is certainly true for intranet platforms.  Based on our internal customer research, the average lifespan of an intranet is just over six years.  An intranet you build now, will be very old in six years if you do not have the proper structure in place to maintain its content. As a Client Services Representative, I have worked with many organizations that had someone build an intranet in-house, only to have that person leave

Make Content Management on your Intranet FUN

If you're used to managing an in-house built intranet or a Sharepoint site, you've probably looked at the title of this blog post and started laughing at its ridiculousness. "Yeah, updating my intranet is a real hoot!", you may exclaim with an eye roll or two. Well, for many of our intranet customers, updating content on their intranet site is fun. Why? Because it's so easy to do, and the people with the content are those posting the content. HR has a new policy? They upload it! An employee has a desk for sale? They post it! They are invested in

5 Creative Tips for your Intranet Rollout

You've gone through the entire intranet evaluation process, selected the best intranet solution to meet your company needs, learned how to use the software and uploaded all your intranet content.  You've spent all this time working away at a solution to help your employees Connect, Collaborate and Create and you are extremely excited for your intranet rollout. The only problem?  That one, underlying fear that every intranet manager faces...."Will employees use it?" When implementing a new intranet solution, there are five things that you can do as an intranet manager to help ensure your employees are happy with their new intranet:

Intranet Personalization to Drive Adoption

Your intranet is a central hub of information which allows your employees to find information faster and get their work done more quickly. A central Document Repository, Interactive Online Forms with Automated Workflow, Company Events with Outlook Synchronization, are just a few ways that the intranet can help streamline your business processes. An intranet is a great place for employees to go to for information and resources.  However, the intranet houses resources for several departments such as: IT, Marketing, HR, Sales and more. This means when an employee goes to find the information they need, it is surrounded by irrelevant information

Is Your Workflow Management Working For You?

If your company is similar to the many of the small businesses that I speak to, you likely still have workflow systems that were implemented based on the size of the company back when you were just starting up. The most common methods of communication that I've run into include sending internal emails and filling out paper forms. These manual workflow methods are efficient and cost effective methods of running your business when your company still has a relatively small number of employees.  However, as the size of your company grows these methods can cause information to fall through the cracks, causing potentially

10 Complaints About Your Intranet Portal (Part 2)

If you missed it, check out 10 Complaints About Your Intranet Portal, Part 1. Let's take a closer look at 5 more complaints about your intranet portal and how to resolve them: 6. "Our Intranet Portal is No FUN" Your employees pop onto the intranet, grab the material they need and pop off, but there's no real engagement.  Social tools such as an Employee Wall, Instant Chat and Social Toolbox are all great engagement tools to get your employees online and interacting through the intranet portal.  If you aren't quite ready for social, there are lots of other options to

Incremental Design on Your Company Intranet

Our customers often seek advice on how to freshen up their intranet sites, make use of new features and optimize their site navigation. “I finally have enough time set aside for a site redesign and I want to overhaul the look of my site” they say.  The consensus is that design is important, and ensuring that your intranet design is not driving your users away, even more so.  However, it seems that the design initiative sits in the corner, for months or even years until either an intranet manager has enough time set aside for an overhaul, or the design

An Intranet Connections Movember Success

Last month men everywhere gave up their upper lips for Movember, a global movement which raises funds for prostate and testicular cancer research and promotes awareness for men’s mental health issues. Movember 2013 consisted of 1.1 million registered Mo Participants and raised a total of 146.6M CAD! For the second year in a row some of our Intranet Connections’ team members joined the Movember movement. Our Team ICGROMO raised over $4,300, grew some interesting facial hair, raised awareness about an important cause and had a lot of fun.  The best part?  We tracked it all and promoted our efforts internally