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About Kathleen Sance

Kathleen has been involved in the customer service world for many years, bringing strong communication skills and a positive attitude to the Intranet Connections Support Team. With her ability to empathize, she enjoys helping people and making connections. When she is not at the office, you can find her playing soccer, cooking or catching up on her favorite TV series.

Understanding the Difference Between Intranet Sites, Pages & Apps

Summary: A breakdown of the difference between intranet sites, pages and apps, including examples. Since I started working on the Support Team at Intranet Connections, I have noticed that many of our new customers need help understanding the difference between sites, pages and apps. When first starting out with your intranet, it may be difficult to figure out where things should go and who should have access to those things. In this blog, I’m going to provide examples of sites, pages and apps so you can better understand the difference.