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Remote Employees: Here’s How to Keep Them Engaged

Engaging Remote Employees By the year 2030, Regus predicts that 13% of all U.S. employment will be associated with flexible, remote work — which will contribute a whopping $4.2 trillion to the economy. And remote work isn't just in the distant future: already, 63% of companies report having some remote workers. In many ways, this is a great development. Studies have shown remote workers are just as (if not more) invested in their companies as in-office staff. Remote work allows people to stay in the workforce longer, balance their personal work lives, and even save massive amounts of energy. However, considering that 57% of companies don't have

Get The Best Employees Using Your HR Intranet Page

Summary:  Our company is in the process of an expansion – in terms of hiring new employees as well as a complete office renovation to accommodate all the new team members. So as the Office & Human Resources Coordinator, saying I’m busy is a bit of an understatement. To keep organized, there are a few applications I keep on my HR Intranet page that are been crucial to my success through these series of transitions. Employee Onboarding & Training In 2017, we’ve had an abundance of phone and in-person interviews hired and onboarded seven employees in 2017. Previously, I