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About Neil Chong-Kit

Neil has been involved in the technology industry for 15 years, with experience in information security, e-commerce, and document workflow solutions. He has a Computer Science degree from UBC, and an MBA from SFU. Key achievements include growing CE-Infosys’ presence in Singapore, and helping build and launch Neil has extensive experience as a software developer, business analyst, and manager in growing technology companies. As a creative thinker, Neil is focused on delivering on impactful, but simple to use solutions as product manager for Intranet Connections.

Agile Development and Letting It Go

Summary: How a large organization like Disney overcame massive hurdles in the production of two popular movies, and how it relates to agile development.
Have you ever poured hours of time into a project, only to discover later something isn’t working, resulting having to start from the beginning? You’re not the only one. In fact, this even happens to experts, such as Disney, more than you’d think. Take the smash hit Disney movie Frozen, and the more recent Zootopia, for example. Developing these two movies didn’t necessarily go as planned, but the outcome was still a major success.

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How to Reduce Staff Turnover Among Millennials

Summary: Organizations experience difficulty with staff turnover among the millennial generation. What causes this, and how can you avoid it in your organization?
As the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, I frequently have conversations with our customers about how to apply the tools we provide to help them solve their internal communications issues. The same topics usually come up: internal communication of company news, centralized policies and procedures, or process automation with forms and workflows. But recently a new problem has come up with no easy answer: how to reduce staff turnover with the millennial generation.

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3 Tips for Creating an Effective Self-Service Intranet

Summary: Defining the support activities outlined in the Porter’s Value Chain, and how it can be applied to your self-service intranet. Plus two more tips for creating an effective self-service intranet, including navigation and simple security.
There are times when you want employees to spend a lot of time on the intranet, reading up on company news, building relationships and getting a broader perspective on the company and the industry in which they work. But when there’s a job that needs doing, you want them to get in and out as quickly as possible. Since time savings is the easiest way to get return on investment (ROI) on your intranet, here are my top three tips in designing a self-service intranet.

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Top 5 Key Intranet Security Considerations

Summary: What is intranet security? Top 5 considerations are; anonymous access, integration with active security groups, keeping control of social, support for temporary or volunteer staff and preventing misrepresentation.
When evaluating different intranet software providers, prospective buyers often overlook a key component: intranet security. As the Product Manager here at Intranet Connections, I am here to remind you that intranet security should be top of mind when evaluating intranet software providers. Below are my top 5 key intranet security considerations you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect intranet solution.

Lowering Hospital Costs Using a Healthcare Intranet

As the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, one of my responsibilities is to understand the overall trends in our customers’ industries, and think of ways in which our intranet software can be used to address new concerns. As part of this research for our hospital customers, I stumbled across this excellent article “How Sourcing Excellence can Lower Hospital Costs”.

Top 5 Reasons Why Collaboration on Intranets Fail

Today, we have more ways to communicate with each other than at any other time in history. I personally receive daily phone calls, text messages, tweets, blog post updates, emails, Facebook status updates and a post card every six months from my dentist. Why then, with so many options, is organizational collaboration still so difficult to get right? Aren’t intranets supposed to fix this?

This might sound strange coming from me, the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, but technology alone is not the answer.

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Top Intranet Software Features Used by Finance and Healthcare

Working for a Financial or Healthcare Organization and looking to get the most out of your intranet? Take inspiration from the most commonly used intranet features by organizations just like yours.

As the Product Manager here at Intranet Connections, I talk with customers about what works best for them on the intranet and what doesn’t. I’ve had the opportunity to see how our intranet software has been implemented in a variety of different

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Managing Mergers & Acquisitions on your Intranet

Intranets embody the culture, processes, and governance structure of an organization. After a merger and acquisition, new employees can feel lost, resulting in a decrease in productivity. This practical guide aims to show how the intranet can be used to welcome new employees, instead of becoming a point of contention.
Step 1: Centralize Employee Communication
During a Merger & Acquisition (M&A), rumors and speculation can run rampant. The change management team needs

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Financial Retail Training on your Finance Intranet

Your intranet can be an indispensable tool in implementing the universal banker model.

The tellers at your bank or credit union branches are highly trained on transactional processes. When a customer comes into the branch to deposit a cheque, your tellers can do that quickly, and with a smile. But what happens when a customer asks how to install your bank’s new mobile application?

The transformation of tellers into universal bankers is

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Intranet Search Designed for Maximum Productivity

Intranet Connections is happy to announce our upcoming release, Super Search (Version 13.0)! As the Product Manager, I wanted to focus this week’s blog on the reasoning behind reinventing the intranet search experience and the lessons learned. As we defined what Super Search would entail the questions below popped up that I felt were good insights into how/why we focused on on improving Enterprise Search:
“Why focus this release on intranet