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About Paul Marcotte

Paul is a veteran Web Developer with over 10 years’ experience designing and developing web applications for a variety of industries. He brings a strong passion for software development, software design patterns and test-driven development to the Intranet Connections team. In his spare time, Paul cycles, runs and swims and in the summer he is often found “chasing plastic” on the Ultimate Frisbee field.

Team/Department Sites vs. Task-Based Sites

Summary: What are Team/Department Sites and how do they differ from Task-Based Sites? Elements to include in your intranet sites are; Online Forms, Event Calendar, Document Management and Blogging. The World Wide Web is so entrenched in our everyday lives, it seems odd that only a couple of decades ago, many of the terms and concepts we take for granted were either non-existent, or only in their infancy. One term, Information Architecture (IA), which was originally conceived by Richard Wurman in 1975, finally came into vogue in 1998 with the publication of “Information Architecture for the World Wide Wide”, by

Why we use Agile Development vs. Waterfall Development

Software development is a complicated process. With the end goal of meeting our customer’s needs in mind, we gather requirements, plan, design, code, test and finally deploy product features or enhancements to our Intranet Connections product within our ongoing software release cycle. To facilitate this work, our development team embraces the agile development methodology.

Planning Intranet Navigation and Information Architecture

So you’ve just installed your brand new intranet solution and now it’s time to plan the layout and navigation. Where do you begin? Let’s start with an understanding of the difference between navigation and information architecture. Information Architecture vs. Navigation According to Wikipedia, information architecture is “the art and science of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and find-ability”. Navigation, on the other hand, is the process of moving from one place to another.

Care to Share? Leverage Your Intranet for Employee Connection Idea Sharing

An employee suggestion box (also known as the Idea Share Exchange application in Intranet Connections), is a traditional part of many businesses that dates back to the early 20th century. The success of a suggestion box is tied in large part to the perceived value that a suggestion box brings for both employees and management. In some businesses, the suggestion box is that dusty old box in the corner of the staff room that hasn't been opened in years. For other companies, the suggestion box is an integral part of the company’s success. Perhaps the most famous example of business innovation that

Do You Really Need an Intranet Solution?

As a web developer, I’ve worked for many organizations, both small and large, over the past 15 years. Technology in the workplace has changed and evolved a lot during that time. In fact, I remember when the term ‘intranet’ was in its infancy. Back then, the term “intranet” was often confused with “internet” and required some explanation. Simply put, an intranet is a protected network portal within an organization, whereas the internet is comprised of countless networks around the globe. But I won't go into too much detail about the history of the intranet - instead if you would like to learn more, check