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About Rob Nikkel

Rob Nikkel, CEO, brings over a decade of experience in building web applications for the financial and scientific sector to the Intranet Connections Team. With a Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and a graduate diploma from the Information Technology Institute, he also brings great depth and experience with requirements analysis, coding, quality assurance testing, systems integration, usability, scalability, training, road mapping, product strategy and leadership. Outside of his day job, if Rob isn’t exploring the latest gadgets or technologies, you’ll likely find him at the hockey rink or spending time with his young family.

Trade In Short-Term Resolutions For Long-Term Company Goals

Summary: Trade in short-term resolutions for long-term company goals. CEO, Rob Nikkel, discusses 8 company goals Intranet Connections has set for 2016. Get inspired to create your own company goals this year. January has now passed and if we are to believe the statistics, that means more than 90% of us have already broken our resolutions. It seems that at the beginning of the year, after spending quality time with friends and family away from the office, we are re-energized and enthusiastic to do great things, be better humans, and predict a better future. It’s good to be aspirational and

Positive First Impressions – Use Your Intranet to Help with Employee Onboarding

Summary:  How to improve the employee onboarding process with your intranet. Tips for the first day, the first few weeks and the first quarter. If you’ve taken part in hiring for your organization, you know your company invests an incredible amount of time and resources creating talent networks, marketing job opportunities, building its’ brand and selling itself, ultimately guiding candidates through the hiring process. This can span multiple touch points, interviews and weeks, or even longer in time.  You know how important it is to invest this time to find the right match for your organization, and for the candidate.

Ditch User Manuals with Tutorial Builder

Summary: How to replace traditional user manuals with intranet Tutorial Builder. Improve the education of new and changed features, onboarding of new employees and streamlining workflows. With the rapid change of technology and devices in today’s IT world, it begs the question; is it worth the effort to maintain and update user manuals to explain how to use the technology? Often, when people try out new software, they turn to the user manual or help files before determining if they can figure it out for themselves. We’d argue that most ‘help’ documentation isn’t very ‘helpful’, but rather they simply state the obvious.

5 Key Benefits Of A Hospital Intranet

The healthcare sector is undergoing tremendous change these days due to regulatory, economic and technological drivers as discovered in the Front Line of Healthcare 2015 Bain Report which we will be referencing throughout this post.  The healthcare industry is ripe for improvements in both cost optimization and better coordination of care due to shifting revenue models (quality of care vs. quantity), an ageing Boomer population, mobile healthcare apps and electronic record management for patients as identified in the Bain Report. So, how can a Hospital Intranet help you manage these changes and lead your business to innovate and take advantage? From

On-Premise vs. Cloud Intranet – Which is Better?

Software companies these days are pushing more of their product offerings into the cloud, yet many of them still have on-premise offerings, even if they’re less advertised.  Why is that?  Well, what solution works best for you really depends on a number of factors.  It’s important you have a clear understanding of what these are, particularly as it relates to how you intend to use your intranet.

Intranet Information Architecture Best Practices

If you've stumbled upon this blog, it’s likely you’ve already invested significant time evaluating intranet solutions: finding the right fit, getting stakeholder buy-in and procuring a platform.  It’s now time to get down to the nitty-gritty of designing your site.  This can seem like a daunting task, so start by breaking it down into more manageable chunks. Define the Intranet's Purpose & Objectives To start, it’s important you establish a vision for your intranet.  What are you trying to accomplish?  These could be anything from connecting your workforce, building your culture, sharing corporate news, centralizing documentation or automating business processes. 

How to use Intranet Statistics/Analytics Effectively

There is often a tendency with intranets to overcrowd the intranet home page in an attempt to showcase as many options as possible in hopes that users will find the resources they need quickly.  I think a better approach when designing your intranet is to analyze how it’s being used and create task-driven navigation and calls to action (CTA) that speak to the most critical content and features used by your employees. Highlight the Most Popular Content Within our intranet stats/analytics package and admin section, you can gather some data on which pieces of content or applications are getting the

Create a Secure Intranet Web Application

In my last post, my aim was to provide value to IT administrators supporting their intranets and discuss how to optimize performance, covering topics around browsers, server hardware and configuration options available to you within the Intranet Connections platform. Continuing along that path, I would like to cover security, the common vulnerabilities found in web applications and the features available to you within Intranet Connections, including how to address these. Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a prospective intranet customer who broached the subject of securing our intranet web application and asked how we address known web application

How to Improve Intranet Performance

Every so often Marketing strong arms me into delivering a blog post, and seeing as it has been some time since my last one, I wanted to make sure to cover a topic that would be of interest to our intranet IT admins and provide some value for them to better serve their end users. Web Apps & Your Intranet Simply put, intranets are web applications frequently housed within an internal network.  In today’s world, end users have exposure in every facet of their lives with web apps (many of them cloud-based) for just about everything from social networking (e.g.

The Nature of Bugs

One of my favorite shows when I was a kid growing up was “The Nature of Things” with David Suzuki.  Having a keen interest in science and technology, I was naturally drawn to this documentary that aimed to educate those on environmental issues and the impacts of humans on nature. Web applications, like Intranet Connections, exist in their own sophisticated ecosystem comprised of hardware (desktops, mobile devices, and servers), software (application servers, browser clients), runtime environments, and the data these things manage, which all interact and spawn code bugs of various types.