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About Ryan Hall

Since starting in his first IT job over 10 years ago, Ryan has had the opportunity to build software for companies in a wide variety of industries from insurance to telecom to sports to mining and now intranet software. Over those years, he has been able to learn from a wide variety of talented people. The crowning achievement in his career was a contribution to the development of the Vancouver2010.com website, which was the primary web-based information source for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. More recently, Ryan has taken an interest in learning more about how businesses are run and how to manage them and recently completed an MBA degree to aid him in that regard.

Agile Design on Your Intranet

As a software architect, one of the challenges I have in writing this blog is finding creative ways to connect my experience and expertise to topics that will be useful to an audience outside of software development.  I often find myself thinking about how some of the ways in which software teams approach problems can be applied to other types of projects or to life in general. Agile Development Lends to Agile Design A while back, I wrote a blog about how agile software development techniques can be applied to family life based on TED talk I had listed to

4 Ways Intranet Software Can Benefit Your Financial Organization

Any financial institution, no matter its size can benefit from implementing intranet software within the organization. While a well-designed intranet can assist any organization in improving communication between employees as well as between business units and divisions, financial organizations, in particular, can benefit from introducing a business intranet. Here are the top four ways in which a business intranet can benefit your financial organization:

The History of Intranet Software and How It’s Evolving

Intranet software has come a long way over the last twenty years.  Current products, such as Intranet Connections, provide users with a wide variety of functionality including everything from a centralized document repository to custom forms to social networking tools.  Today, intranets tie together different parts of a business and provide an avenue for employees to communicate and share information quickly and efficiently.  Early intranets weren’t quite so well integrated into the businesses that were using them, but their introduction was intended to solve many of the same problems they are used to solve today.

MVC Website Architecture – Good for Intranets?

These days, web site design is all about frameworks and it’s difficult to ignore the fact that many of the most popular web frameworks implement some sort of an MVC or Model View Controller website architecture.  The purpose of this blog post is to explain, why MVC is such a good fit for the web, including intranets, and why it is a good idea, no matter the platform you are developing on, to spend some time researching MVC frameworks before starting development.

Agile Planning Techniques for Families… Seriously!

Hello! This will be my first blog post since starting here at Intranet Connections as the Software Architect just three weeks ago.  Over the long weekend, I listened to a fantastic TED talk that I thought would be valuable to share on the agile methodology and agile planning.