The Benefits of an On-Premise Solution For Your Intranet

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The Benefits of an On-Premise Solution For Your Intranet

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Summary: Take control of your intranet, and avoid falling into the SaaS trap, by discovering the benefits of an on-premise solution.

For a long time the intranet was thought to be an IT responsibility. Make’s sense right? It is software after all. At some point though, organizations began to see the light.

The Non-IT Intranet

An intranet is meant to streamline communication within an organization. It serves to enhance engagement and improve internal processes. In short, it is the company lifeline that strengthens the overall corporate culture.

The intranet, therefore, should be removed from the hands of IT and into the hands of those who drive, and build out, an intranet to reach their desired goals.

We applaud this idea, and our easy-to-use intranet focuses on simplifying the intranet experience to allow delegation of intranet management to non-IT admins.

However, we hear some organizations taking this notion a step further by stating; “let’s completely remove the intranet from IT – let’s go to a SaaS solution so that IT has no involvement whatsoever”.  And to this we say – PROCEED WITH CAUTION, you’re entering the SaaS trap.

The SaaS Trap

It is important to keep in mind that your intranet is still software and although there are amazing benefits to having your intranet hosted outside of your organization, it may lead to negative consequences.

Here are the main benefits of having an on-premise solution:

  • Security
    The largest benefit of on-premise solution is security. All files and information are hosted internally on your server. Only you have access to your files and information, and there is a much lower risk of having your data compromised.
  • More Control
    In a SaaS (also known as Cloud based) environment, updates are applied automatically. This could mean that one day your site suddenly looks and feels a lot different than what your employees are used to. You have no control over when updates are made – so if your intranet team is busy with other projects, they would need to put those on hold to address sudden changes. With an on-premise solution you determine when updates are applied. Even better, you can apply the upgrade to a test site to gain a better understanding of what is to come, prior to applying it to your live site. This way, when employees have questions, you know the answer.
  • Cost Savings
    Another benefit to an on-premise solution is the one-time license cost. Should your company grow in future years, and you require additional employees to access the site, an on-premise solution doesn’t charge for extra license fees, whereas a cloud/SasS solution does. Many solutions also charge for additional data storage, whereas with an on-premise solution you would simply need to ensure there is enough room on your server.

Benefits of an On-Premise Solution

Although an on-premise intranet is internally hosted, there is very little maintenance required. Your IT simply needs to prepare a server that meets the specified requirements. We then remote in, and in approximately an hour will have the site installed and up and running for you. All changes and updates are then made through the front-end by non-IT admins. Your IT team can automate daily backups, and upgrades are only released once or twice a year and take very little time to apply.

An on-premise out-of-the-box intranet solution gives you the benefits of both worlds: you have a secure, low cost solution, that remains in your control. Additionally, with content being added, and maintained, by non-IT admins time is saved for your already stressed IT resources.

Thoughts on SaaS vs. on-Premise? We’d love to hear them – leave your comments below!

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