When you enter a new restaurant, do you pick up a vibe? I do. I can tell you within 5 seconds if I am going to enjoy my dining experience. Maybe that’s because I am a fairly visual person. The ambience of a restaurant dictates if I stay two hours and leave a big tip, or turn tail and go elsewhere.

Obviously your intranet is a lot more comprehensive than this analogy. My goal here is to get you thinking about the experience your intranet users have when they use the site. Do they go “wow, this is great!” Or do they curse and complain? A lot of that emotion is tied to the experience you are creating for them when they use the intranet.

Because I am a visual person, I tend to lean towards the design of the intranet in creating that ambience but there are many ways to build a better intranet experience

  1. Make your intranet easy to use. Sounds simple? It’s not. It takes a lot of work to get it right
  2. Think like an employee. Talk to them, ask them. Learn from them
  3. Learn from others. Twitter is a great place to connect with other Intranet Managers and experts

I have added a list of the intranet resources I follow and exchange with on Twitter that might help you out.

Bottom line is that there are a lot of tools, talk and tips on how to make the most out of your intranet. So much so that you can get bogged down in the hype and buzz. Sift through the knowledge and keep the ideas that resonate and that would work for your company.

Then go back to the basics and ask yourself … how are you going to build a better intranet experience?

Starting out on Twitter? Be sure to follow these people who are a wealth of intranet knowledge

@seanrnicholson @tobyward @roojwright
@rachellai83 @nadine_mcmahon @peter_richards
@baszurburg @beantin @wedge
@rjfarr @tillakum @intrateam
@kimgeralds @dianarailton @intranetlounge
@valeriehoven @luke_oatham @markraganCEO
@jwillie @billives @gerrymcgovern
@christyseason @oscarberg @sammarshall
@netjmc @jboye @steptwodesigns
@s2d_jamesr @intranetprofesr

Also check out Valerie Hoven’s comprehensive list of intranet tweeters & bloggers at: http://valeriehoven.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/the-list-of-intranet-resources/

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