Can a Hospital Intranet Benefit Your Small Hospital?

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Can a Hospital Intranet Benefit Your Small Hospital?

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The question of whether a hospital intranet will benefit your small hospital is an inquiry many hospitals are making today with your hospital becoming busier and your staff continuing to grow.

Keeping everyone at the hospital up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures, intake forms and hospital news is a juggling act that Hospital Administrators and IT Staff try to manage without letting one ball drop. Communicating through staff wide emails no longer seems to be effective. You need communication and collaboration tools that can be accessed on-the-go and are more interactive to keep your hospital staff engaged.

A Hospital Intranet Solution?

Given these challenges, does this mean your small hospital needs a Hospital Intranet? It depends on your hospital’s goals, needs and priorities. If your small hospital has a focus on more efficient means of communication, strengthening collaboration and optimizing staff training, then a Hospital Intranet could be the perfect solution for your hospital.

Benefits & Value of a Hospital Intranet

Here are a few benefits that come out-of-the-box and ready to deploy with a Hospital Intranet:

Pre-Built Hospital Ward Sites

Pre-Built Ward Sites on your Hospital Intranet provide numerous useful resources for each ward that can help ward employees better communicate and collaborate together. From applications as simple as What’s New, which could be a policy, procedure, new employee or team event, to Staff Schedules with a comprehensive staff calendar to display the different shifts within the ward.

The Ward Sites available on your Hospital Intranet provide ample opportunity to set-up Ward Training with e-learning/self-learning, quick access links to ward resources, documenting procedures, building required checklists and much more.

Hospital Intranet Maternity Ward

Collaborative Intern Evaluations

The collaborative Intern Evaluations built into the Hospital Intranet provide a separate, secure space on the intranet for Supervising Physicians to track the progress of interns, capturing intern performance, problem identification skills, clinical reasoning, etc.

Within the Intern Evaluations on the Hospital Intranet, physicians can also discuss the performance and progress of their interns within a secure platform that can have restrictive permissions to only allow Supervising Physicians to access, edit, collaborate and evaluate within the application.

Hospital Intranet - Interns Evaluations

Informative Doctors On-Call Menu

With the enhancement of Mega Menus in Intranet Connections’ Healthcare Intranet, now Doctors On-Call can be displayed within a menu to for quick access to doctors in their respective wards. With the Doctor’s On-Call Menu, staff can visually identify the doctor responsible for a ward on a that particular day/time and quickly contact them through the intranet or access their Employee Profile for contact information (e.g. email, phone number, pager number, etc.).

Beyond the Doctor’s On-Call Menu, on the Hospital Intranet you can easily build similar menus to feature your Ward Managers, Supervising Physicians, Employee of the Week/Month and new Candy Stripers or Volunteers. The versatility with Mega Menus offers maximum visibility and real estate for your intranet menus, with minimum technical prowess to update and build engaging menus for your Hospital Intranet.
Doctors on Call on the Hospital Intranet

Vital Patient Care Feedback

Patient feedback is how your small hospital learns, grows and evolves. Capturing this vital Patient Care Feedback ensures it won’t be lost along the way as your staff runs from room to room to deliver the best care to your patients. Within the Patient Care Feedback application, your staff can quickly capture patient care suggestions, with the ability to categorizes and catalog these suggestions as the feedback grows.

Additionally, to encourage staff collaboration, you can also allow commenting and rating within the Patient Care Feedback application to discover which suggestions are most popular and interesting to your staff.Patient Care Suggestions for Small Hospitals

Team Building Staff Conversations

Every hospital wants their staff to grow together and learn from each other. With Staff Conversations built within the Hospital Intranet, your staff can create a knowledge sharing network within your hospital by posting articles, research data, clinical trials and patient care initiatives for collaboration and discussion within your small hospital.

Staff can also share and discuss information that inspires, motivates or engages from TED talks to shared interests with Staff Walls, Discussion Forums, Commenting/Rating, Staff Recognition and Live Chat.

Hospital Intranet - Staff Conversations

Healthcare Events Strengthening Community Ties

A Hospital Intranet can not only engage your staff, but it can also engage and involve your local community. Organize community events on your Hospital Event Calendar on your intranet by sponsoring events, such as: local County Fair Days, Local Fundraising Runs or Boys & Girls Clubs Events.

With the dynamic Healthcare Events Calendars on the Hospital Intranet you can easily track events and fundraisers within the hospital as well as events going on in the community.

Hospital Events Calendar

Measuring Staff & Small Hospital Health

When staff engagement levels at your hospital are low, so is the overall health of your small hospital. Find out how a Hospital Intranet can improve the health of your small hospital and deliver many other hospital organization and administration benefits along the way. If you are interested in a Hospital Intranet, request a free tour of our software today.

Have your own experience administering an intranet for your small hospital? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.

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