Healthcare Intranet Case Study: Effective Policy Management, No IT Required

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Healthcare Intranet Case Study: Effective Policy Management, No IT Required

Summary: We discuss the 4 benefits Anderson Hospital experienced when making the switch from an aging and slow homegrown intranet to a full-functionality, easy-to-implement, intranet solution that met the demands of the healthcare industry’s heavy policy management and regulatory security.

Our goal at Intranet Connections is to learn about our customers from all industries; Finance to Healthcare and beyond. When we speak to our clients, we unearth amazing stories on how they uniquely use our intranet software, and the problems they faced that caused them to search for an intranet. After being a valued client of Intranet Connections for over 10 years, we knew Anderson Hospital had a story to tell, and we wanted to share it with the rest of our clients. In 2006, after struggling with lags in updates to their homegrown intranet solution that was managed entirely by IT, Anderson Hospital decided it was time to make a switch. These were some of the things they were looking for:

  • Improved policy management
  • Central location for all documents
  • Reduce the need for IT
  • Easy design and branding
  • Assign content ownership
When it came to competitors, they looked at Sharepoint, but Mike Ward, Director of IT, said they “didn’t have any programmers or expertise in Sharepoint” and wanted an intranet that was simple and easy to manage. In the fast-paced healthcare industry, many clinics and hospitals have to ensure they are updating policies and documents and communicating them with their staff as quickly as possible. With an intranet managed entirely by IT, it would take days, or even weeks, for content to be updated. With that in mind, Anderson Hospital sought out an intranet that could help them stay competitive.

Testimonials from Anderson Hospital:

Online forms brought everything together. Instead of compiling records by asking individual departments to send copies, and send them back, departments are saving time and we, as a Hospital, are more efficient.” – Mike Ward, Director of IT

Our home grown intranet was big boxy, ugly, and IT developed. We wanted something that was easy to implement but had more functionality such as streamlined policy management, improved navigation, customizable options and a professional look. We now have that.” – Amanda Wendel, Media Services

Aside from meeting their above requirements for a new intranet solution, they also found that support was invaluable to their intranet administrators. As most of us know, those who manage an intranet have many other responsibilities as well, so quick responses and an extensive Help Center made them feel in control.

“The culture that intranet connections had was one that really impressed us. I’ve never had that level of service before. At that point, you had me at hello. No matter what questions we had, they were answered, no problem!” – Mike Ward

The benefits they experienced, which are outlined in more detail in their Case Study, included:

For more information on Anderson Hospital, and why they made the switch to Intranet Connections, download their Case Study. Did you make the switch from a homegrown intranet to Intranet Connections? We want to hear from you in the comment section below.

healthcare intranet case study

Anderson Hospital Case Study

Download our Anderson Hospital Case Study to find out their Top 5 healthcare intranet features, testimonials from their intranet administrators and more!


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