Clarifying the word “collaboration” to reduce confusion and conflict

The word “collaboration” is creating lots of confusion these days. Global thought-leader Jane McConnell has seen different interpretations of “collaboration” trigger serious misunderstandings and even internal conflict. In a business setting, people use the word collaboration to describe very different things. Although the different collaboration purposes are not black and white, there are fundamental differences. Today we're sharing Jane's thoughts on why it's important to clarify the kind of collaboration you want to achieve with your intranet. Confusion and misunderstanding around "collaboration" The word “collaboration” is creating lots of confusion these days. In several recent client projects, I’ve seen firsthand

A Culture of Community – IBF Live Intranet Tours

Accenture Intranet I tuned into the August broadcast of IBF Live and heard Steve Kaukonen and Steve Berzins describe their Accenture Intranet as a “culture of collaboration” and I thought what a great play on words!  Hence this blog post title but I swapped out collaboration in favour of community. This month’s IBF Live theme seemed to emerge more as a lesson in how a consolidation of intranets, people and content can help internal communities thrive. If this is your first time hearing about IBF Live, you might want to tune in for the next one in September. IBF Live

Satisfying Your Gen X and Gen Y Intranet Users

With the boom of tech-savvy employees in the workforce, companies are in search of unique engagement tools to keep the Gen X and Gen Y employees interested.  In Dana LaSalvia’s article called “Building an Employee-Enriched Culture with Social Media” she wrote that “organizations should think about integrating companywide marketing messages and upgrading their employee’s recognition programs to be more virtual.” To do this, implement an intranet! A social intranet will improve employee culture and collaboration and act as a central portal for important company information.  When you position your company online, you are catering to a large group of Gen

Intranet Connections Intranet Software Draws on Document Management, Employee Collaboration and Enterprise Tools

Intranet Connections Intranet Software will be releasing the latest version of its intranet-in-a-box software in September 2009. Version 9.5 helps to merge the social and collaborative networking of social media with the practical intranet tools that are necessary in assisting employees with their day-to-day duties.