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7 Internal Communications Mistakes to Stop Making in 2019

Internal Communications Mistakes One of your big business goals for 2019 should be improving your company's internal communication. Focusing on this not only improves business proficiency but also creates a happy work environment that encourages employee satisfaction which leads to higher employee retention. You'll also find that when you actively work to improve internal communication, customer satisfaction also improves. This leads to a significant improvement in everything from customer referrals to profit margins. The impact communication mistakes has on the average business is far bigger than many people realize. You see, internal communication mistakes trigger a high level of

7 Tips for Engaging Your Introverted Team Members

Engaging Your Introverted Team Members Introverts, by nature, keep a lower profile than extroverts. Consequently, their contribution to your organization might not be quite as obvious. Both, however, perform valuable functions. Because introverts are quieter, it's easy to underestimate their contributions. They may need some extra encouragement to reach their full potential. Let's look at some of the key strengths of introverts as well as some of the best ways to bring out the best in them. Valuable Qualities of Introverts Corporations and other organizations have traditionally favored extroverts. Since extroverts are more talkative and socially aggressive, they often overshadow their

7 Ways To Tell Your Company’s Internal Communication Strategy Works

Summary: A well planned and executed internal communication strategy is one of the most ardruous yet rewarding assets for your organization. Below are 7 ways you can use to asses how healthy your strategy is. As a business operator or Human Resources professional, your livelihood hinges on your ability to retain great employees and build an enthusiastic company culture. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to develop a stellar internal communication system. With an intranet that is easy to navigate and update, you can build a workforce that is engaged, well-informed, and eager to participate in

5 Communication Strategies To Improve Employee Retention

Summary: In this blog post we discuss 5 communication strategies to improve employee retention. Turnover is among the most expensive problems organizations face today. It costs about one-third of a professional's salary to find a suitable replacement, should they leave. That's not including indirect productivity lost during training and onboarding. Naturally, companies across industries are looking for ways to decrease turnover. They all tend to find the same thing: a lack of engagement is among the leading causes. The key, then, is preventing that switch from ever turning. Your employees need to buy in to stay on board. A lack of proper internal

Technology and Communication in the Modern Workplace

Summary: We take a look at some common challenges experienced in technology and communication in the modern workplace, with solutions. The modern workplace is all about communication. Whether it’s the ability to send orders down the chain of command or employee requests right back up it, whether it’s group discussions with coworkers or accurate information about your own employer, communication is absolutely key. It always has been important, but as teams spread further around the world, technology is shrinking that world to make wise communications policies potentially more impactful than ever. Subscribe for Intranet Tips Your employees feel disconnected

3 Ways to Improve Internal Communication Through Intranet Redesign

Summary: Make sure the most relevant and recent internal communication is easy to find on your intranet to improve user experience and boost employee morale. Imagine you had a stack of newspapers from the past few months – and somewhere lost in the mix were the papers from yesterday and today. If the information wasn’t absolutely critical, how motivated would you be to dig through the pile for the relevant content? Now imagine that stack of newspapers as your intranet homepage or navigation. How hard do users have to work to find recent, relevant content? Is it time to

How To Elevate Employee Communication

Summary:  Whether it's top-down communication or for a cross-team project, our software helps its users share, comment, update and track engagement of any number of communication items. It's no difficult task to understand that effective employee communication is a challenge for businesses of any size.  At IC, this is probably the single biggest hurdle we help our customers overcome.  Whether it's top-down communication or for a cross-team project, our software helps its users share, comment, update and track engagement of any number of communication items. Recognizable brands like NASA, Unicef, and the Chicago White Sox use IC to power

‘Peak’ into the New Release: IC 14.5 Elevate Experience

Summary:  'Peak' into what we have in store with the IC 14.5: Elevate Experience software release. At IC, we’re passionate about elevating the employee experience & helping our customers build thriving work environments. It’s why our customer lifetime averages 7 years. We take pride in knowing our customers love how easy it is to communicate and share information within their organizations. That's why we decided to focus IC 14.5 on enhancing the way we communicate internally. There are three areas that we focused on improving features for IC 14.5:  Storyboard (NEW!), the admin toolbar, and a

How to Motivate The Largest Generation in the Workplace: Millennials

Summary:  Lazy and entitled? Or tech savvy and progressive? How to leverage employee engagement software to create workplaces that motivate millennials. As of 2015, millennials have officially taken over as the largest chunk of the workforce. Unless you recently stepped out of a smokey DeLorean straight from 1985, you'll have noticed this shift brought considerable changes in the workplace. So, with baby boomers on their way out, gen Xers on their way up, gen z coming in hot, and millennials taking the biggest piece of the pie, how do employers evolve their work to

Top 3 Workplace Problems and Intranet Solutions

Summary:  Here we discuss the top 3 workplace problems our customers experience, and the intranet solutions which mitigate the troubles. If your company has never had an intranet solution before, it may be hard to see the time and cost benefits of putting one in place. I mean, things have been working alright up until now right? It’s not until we get to showing our customers our solution and showing them the problems our solution can solve, that most people see the real potential for improvements. These are the top 3 pains an new intranet can help solve. Subscribe