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We Love our Customers & They Love us Right Back!

Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry’s said, “there is a spiritual aspect to our lives -- when we give, we receive -- when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!" It’s because of this that the Intranet Connections team is dedicated to not only providing a quality product, but outstanding customer support. Great customer service/product support is so impactful that even if your product is the best on the market but your customer service isn’t, you will lose customers.  Everyone has experienced this, think about a time where you visited a restaurant and

Credit Union Intranet: 100% Adoption & Satisfaction

Being an intranet software provider, our goal is to discover new means of improving our solution to continuously deliver benefits to our customers. That is why we work closely with many of our 240 financial customers to understand which features they utilize or need most to accomplish their jobs more efficiently and effectively. InTouch Credit Union joined our Intranet Connections family in 2011, sharing with us that our Credit Union Intranet spoke more to the unique needs of credit unions than other intranet software solutions they evaluated. This was a huge boost to our hardworking Intranet Connections Team and we

Healthcare Intranet: From IT Program to Overall Corporate Strategy

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing about a happy customer’s positive experience with our intranet software. We love sharing these stories with the rest of the Intranet Connections team to let them know all our hard work is paying off. But even more so, we love to share these stories with you, our Intranet Connections family. The story of how Westminster Canterbury went from an IT program to an overall corporate strategy is no different. Searching for an All Employee Intranet Most organizations purchase intranet software to make their employees’ lives easier. However, when Robert Mann, IT Manager at Westminster

An Intranet Solution Built to Last: 14 Years & Counting

With 100s of thousands of users and more than 1,600 stellar customers worldwide, Intranet Connections is lucky to have many customers who have been with us for well over a decade. One of our long standing customers is Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS),  a school district in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, who have been using Intranet Connections for fourteen years and counting. Peter Barron, Internet Services Manager at RRPS has been managing their Intranet Connections' intranet during this time, through numerous product releases as Intranet Connections and RioNet (Rio Rancho's name for their intranet) has evolved. During these 14 years,

0 to Intranet in 90 Days

First and foremost, our customer’s satisfaction, happiness and intranet success is most important to us. So when a client comes to us, dissatisfied with their current intranet and in search of a new intranet solution, we go above and beyond to make sure their experience is as stress-free as possible. That’s exactly what happened with one of our clients, Diversified Search. The organization was unhappy with their previous intranet as it became too costly and way too difficult to administer themselves. A Temporary Intranet Solution Diversified Search has grown and evolved since its inception 40 years ago. The organization now

5 Highly Effective Financial Intranet Examples

I recently published a blog showcasing three customers’ highly effective Corporate Intranet examples. We received a lot of positive feedback as well as requests for more examples. In lieu of Financial Planning Week last week, I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase five customers’ highly effective Financial Intranet examples. In skimming through our previous blogs featuring our outstanding clients, I came across a number of interesting Financial Intranet examples I could showcase. In fact, we just recently published two blogs featuring two of our financial clients, InTouch Credit Union and Pima Federal Credit Union – I encourage you to

3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples

"Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton famously wrote in Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words: Addressed to Those who Think Lately (1824). Given this, we decided to share some highly effective intranet examples you could, um...'flatter' them, by leveraging the incredible ideas and innovative ways they have been using their intranets. Digging through our previous blog posts, there were number of highly effective intranet examples we could have highlighted. However, through a diplomatic internal vote and impending time constraint, we have presented the three fantastic highly effective intranet examples below of our customers

Leveraging the Power of Online Forms at RRPS

As a Support Technician at Intranet Connections, I have the pleasure of working with the wonderful and creative individuals that make up the Intranet Connections family of customers. I am blown away by the unique ideas implemented in our intranet software by our outstanding clients. One client that continues to revolutionize the way they use their intranet is Rio Ranch Public Schools and their intranet champion, Peter Barron. Rio Rancho Public Schools (RRPS) is a public school district run in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. At the center of this school district is an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic Intranet Services Manager,

Finance Intranets Connect & Organize Credit Unions

With the launch of our Financial Intranet earlier this year, we have been excited to showcase the benefits our Financial Intranet brings to those in the finance sector. We worked closely with our bank, credit union and financial clients to uncover the needs of organizations in the financial industry in order to provide a comprehensive Financial Intranet solution. CUES Features Financial Intranets Recently, Intranet Connections was featured in the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) Magazine, along with a favorite financial customer of ours, InTouch Credit Union from Plano, Texas. CUES is an organization dedicated to providing professional resources to credit

Dwight, Credit Union Intranet

We are always excited to hear about the success our customers experience through implementing a new intranet. These stories are inspiring, motivating and reaffirming to the team hard at work on your Intranet Connections intranets. So when a customer success story like 'Dwight - The Credit Union Intranet' comes along, we can’t help but share it with you, the rest of our Intranet Connections family. A Simple Credit Union Intranet Pima Federal Credit Union, a credit union in Arizona, has grown over the last few years to 51,000 members, 150 employees, and expanded into seven different locations throughout the southwest