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Finance Intranets Connect & Organize Credit Unions

With the launch of our Financial Intranet earlier this year, we have been excited to showcase the benefits our Financial Intranet brings to those in the finance sector. We worked closely with our bank, credit union and financial clients to uncover the needs of organizations in the financial industry in order to provide a comprehensive Financial Intranet solution. CUES Features Financial Intranets Recently, Intranet Connections was featured in the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) Magazine, along with a favorite financial customer of ours, InTouch Credit Union from Plano, Texas. CUES is an organization dedicated to providing professional resources to credit

Dwight, Credit Union Intranet

We are always excited to hear about the success our customers experience through implementing a new intranet. These stories are inspiring, motivating and reaffirming to the team hard at work on your Intranet Connections intranets. So when a customer success story like 'Dwight - The Credit Union Intranet' comes along, we can’t help but share it with you, the rest of our Intranet Connections family. A Simple Credit Union Intranet Pima Federal Credit Union, a credit union in Arizona, has grown over the last few years to 51,000 members, 150 employees, and expanded into seven different locations throughout the southwest

Who Wants a More Scalable Intranet Menu?

Information architecture (IA) can pose a challenge when designing any navigational structure. Top-level menu systems are often comprised of single drop down menus with limited labels and lack of creative terminology. When it comes to a perception toward ease-of-use for the intranet, maintaining consistent menu structures that allow for the inevitable growth of content over time is key. If employees find your IA confusing, they will resort to search or often give up. Merging task-based menu structures with promotional and educational value can increase awareness of popular and critical data, with the added bonus of giving your intranet navigation a major boost

4 Ways Intranet Software Can Benefit Your Financial Organization

Any financial institution, no matter its size can benefit from implementing intranet software within the organization. While a well-designed intranet can assist any organization in improving communication between employees as well as between business units and divisions, financial organizations, in particular, can benefit from introducing a business intranet. Here are the top four ways in which a business intranet can benefit your financial organization:

Increase Intranet ROI with Advanced E-Forms

One of the challenges many businesses face is finding a long term intranet solution. On the surface many intranet products look very similar, which can make finding an intranet solution that meets your business needs quite difficult.  New customers are generally looking for an intranet software with a central communication platform, document management/repository and online e-forms.

Bank Intranets Do Better Business

Intranet Connections’ Sample Credit Union Intranet It was Wednesday morning and I had just hit the office after battling the Edgemont Village crowd piling into Starbucks for their morning caffeine fix. I ran up the stairs and plunked down my Starbucks cup to find an invitation to attend a bank intranet tour with Ephrata National Bank from Ephrata, PA. We LOVE Banks Banks are awesome customers. We have over 260 customers in the financial sector who have purchased Intranet Connections and many of them, like Ephrata National Bank, have been on our intranet software for coming