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5 Ways To Improve Your Profile In Employee Searches

Summary: How can your Employee Profile stand out during employee searches? Update contact information, add a photo, provide a status and attach relevant tags. Bonus, provide easy navigation to your Employee Directory. Having a complete list of employees is a great asset for every company and 100% of our intranet clients use the Employee Directory feature. That being said, not all employee profiles are created equal and after the Design Annual Report1 unearthed design trends that included up-to-date employee profile information, we’re sharing the best practices to make your profile shine bright during employee searches.

Top 7 Tips To Achieve The Best Intranet Designs

Summary: What is the Intranet Design Annual report? What trends were identified in the winners of the best intranet designs? Mobile access to intranet pages, agile development, mega-menu navigation, picture sharing, employee profiles and more! Each year the Nielsen Norman Group publishes the Intranet Design Annual1 which digs deep to select 10 winners in their intranet design contest. From the detailed case studies we have distilled the top 7 intranet design trends that will transform your intranet from diamond-in-the-rough to sparkling gemstone!

How is Intranet Usability Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Summary: What is intranet usability? Why should you care? How can it be improved? Guidelines for navigation. Overview of paper prototyping. A recent study by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that users are not happy with their intranets1. Satisfaction ratings were a dismal 66%. To put it in perspective, that is only marginally better than the Rotten Tomatoes rating for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Which was terrible.

Creative Intranet Ideas You Can Use To Boost Engagement

The Support Team at Intranet Connections get to see a lot of unique intranet ideas from our clients who achieve fun and exciting intranet features by customizing the many tools available on our intranet platform.  While we are an out-of-the-box solution, which requires no back-end customization, that doesn’t mean all of our clients intranets are the same. Intranet features can be creatively adjusted for optimal results. We spoke to Leo Marnero’s from Gold Coast Hospital and Joe Culbertson from Rockdale Medical Center to see what they’ve done to customize their intranet in creative ways. 

5 Key Benefits Of A Hospital Intranet

The healthcare sector is undergoing tremendous change these days due to regulatory, economic and technological drivers as discovered in the Front Line of Healthcare 2015 Bain Report which we will be referencing throughout this post.  The healthcare industry is ripe for improvements in both cost optimization and better coordination of care due to shifting revenue models (quality of care vs. quantity), an ageing Boomer population, mobile healthcare apps and electronic record management for patients as identified in the Bain Report. So, how can a Hospital Intranet help you manage these changes and lead your business to innovate and take advantage? From

Lowering Hospital Costs Using a Healthcare Intranet

As the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, one of my responsibilities is to understand the overall trends in our customers’ industries, and think of ways in which our intranet software can be used to address new concerns. As part of this research for our hospital customers, I stumbled across this excellent article “How Sourcing Excellence can Lower Hospital Costs”.

How Intranet Software Can Benefit Your Hospice / Palliative Care Facility

Working as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Intranet Connections, I have the opportunity to interact with a number of our stellar customers and prospective customers from a variety of industries.  Most recently, I have spoken with a number of end-of-life-care facilities, palliative care facilities and/or hospices about their use of healthcare intranet software. This segment of customers and prospective customers are unique and have very specific needs in the way they utilize intranet features. Although in some ways they also need access to the same information and communication tools that many other organizations rely upon, such as a

Top Intranet Software Features Used by Finance and Healthcare

Working for a Financial or Healthcare Organization and looking to get the most out of your intranet? Take inspiration from the most commonly used intranet features by organizations just like yours. As the Product Manager here at Intranet Connections, I talk with customers about what works best for them on the intranet and what doesn’t. I’ve had the opportunity to see how our intranet software has been implemented in a variety of different organizations. While each organization has its own unique communication challenges, I’ve noticed that intranets in the same industries tend to implement the same features. From my experience, here are

Can a Hospital Intranet Benefit Your Small Hospital?

The question of whether a hospital intranet will benefit your small hospital is an inquiry many hospitals are making today with your hospital becoming busier and your staff continuing to grow. Keeping everyone at the hospital up-to-date with the latest policies, procedures, intake forms and hospital news is a juggling act that Hospital Administrators and IT Staff try to manage without letting one ball drop. Communicating through staff wide emails no longer seems to be effective. You need communication and collaboration tools that can be accessed on-the-go and are more interactive to keep your hospital staff engaged. A Hospital Intranet

Healthcare Intranet: From IT Program to Overall Corporate Strategy

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing about a happy customer’s positive experience with our intranet software. We love sharing these stories with the rest of the Intranet Connections team to let them know all our hard work is paying off. But even more so, we love to share these stories with you, our Intranet Connections family. The story of how Westminster Canterbury went from an IT program to an overall corporate strategy is no different. Searching for an All Employee Intranet Most organizations purchase intranet software to make their employees’ lives easier. However, when Robert Mann, IT Manager at Westminster