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3 Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement in Healthcare

What exactly is employee engagement? Engaged employees are happy with their work, committed to the organization and they're willing to go the extra mile to achieve the organization's goals. Why does employee engagement matter? In a recent study published by the Gallup Business Journal, that evaluated more than 1.4 million employees, there was a direct connection confirmed between strong employee engagement and lower employee turnover rates as well as a reduced number of patient safety incidents.  This is just the justification your organization needs to invest in an employee engagement strategy that has a direct impact on the quality of

The Power of WHY for Intranet Software

Summary: I occasionally browse through Ted Talks if I get a spare 20 minutes. Not often mind you! As a single mom running an intranet software company, there are not too many spare 20 minutes in the day. I love Ted Talks though because they are so inspirational. They charge up my batteries which gets me excited and thinking creatively. Start With Why Recently, I took another look at a very popular Ted Talk – by Simon Sinek on "Start with Why". Simon is a highly engaging speaker; he has no problem hooking you right away.

Carolyn Douglas Joins Healthcare Thought Leaders at Patient Experience Forum

We are excited to announce that our Intranet Connections' Founder, Carolyn Douglas, has been asked to be a spotlight speaker at this year's National Forum on Patient Experience West. Carolyn will be sharing her insights from Gold Coast Hospital, a teaching hospital of Queensland Health, which has been utilizing our software to innovate staff training, improve patient safety and enhance patient care. A Healthcare Conference for Thought Leaders The Patient Experience West Conference, hosted at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver on March 11 - 12, 2014, brings an impressive set of healthcare thought leaders in patient experience throughout the healthcare industry to

Improve Staff Training with Your Hospital Intranet

Leo Marneros, Director of Emergency Training at Gold Coast Hospital in Australia, consistently works to improve staff training, reduce overall hospital costs and most importantly, enhance patient care. Two years ago Leo took a leap in the right direction by implementing an intranet designed to help him with his mission.  The end result? An estimated time cost savings of $10,000AUD per year, an in-demand intranet built by hospital staff and the icing on the cake – a commendation from the 2013 Intranet Innovation Awards. As a member of the Support Team here at Intranet Connections I have had the pleasure of

Who Wants a More Scalable Intranet Menu?

Information architecture (IA) can pose a challenge when designing any navigational structure. Top-level menu systems are often comprised of single drop down menus with limited labels and lack of creative terminology. When it comes to a perception toward ease-of-use for the intranet, maintaining consistent menu structures that allow for the inevitable growth of content over time is key. If employees find your IA confusing, they will resort to search or often give up. Merging task-based menu structures with promotional and educational value can increase awareness of popular and critical data, with the added bonus of giving your intranet navigation a major boost