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Revolutionize Enterprise Search with Super Search

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. And it isn’t Superman, either. It’s Super Search! The much anticipated Super Search release is finally upon us and we at Intranet Connections could not be more excited about it. Like with every product release, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this (ok, maybe that is a little dramatic). But our team has taken a lot of time to ensure Super Search fills in any gaps the previous search functionality had, completely revolutionizing Enterprise Search on your intranet. The Super Search release includes several new, helpful features that will

Intranet Search Designed for Maximum Productivity

Intranet Connections is happy to announce our upcoming release, Super Search (Version 13.0)! As the Product Manager, I wanted to focus this week's blog on the reasoning behind reinventing the intranet search experience and the lessons learned. As we defined what Super Search would entail the questions below popped up that I felt were good insights into how/why we focused on on improving Enterprise Search: "Why focus this release on intranet search?" We listen very closely to what our existing customers have to say, and for our customers who have been on our product a long time, search was becoming

Connect. Collaborate. Create. with Intranet Connections

You may have noticed that recently we revamped our Intranet Connections, logo with a new tagline: Connect. Collaborate. Create.  However, this is more than just a change to our logo, it speaks to how Intranet Connections helps and interacts with organizations every day. How We Connect. Collaborate. Create Connect. Collaborate. Create. not only showcases what our intranet software, helps you and your organization do better, but also it speaks to all facets of what we do at Intranet Connections. This includes our interactions with you - our customers, our Intranet Connections family, and potential clients that would like to join the

Healthcare Intranet Top 10 Product Enhancements

We have recently unveiled some exciting and innovative product enhancements at Intranet Connections, including the release of two new products - our Healthcare Intranet and our Financial Intranet. Just in case you missed it, our blog last week covered the feature enhancements in our Financial Intranet and previous to that our enhancements to our Corporate Intranet. Healthcare Intranet for Patient Care Over these past 15 years, we've worked with over 200 healthcare organizations who have successfully utilized our intranet software. During this time we acquired best practices, tips, and insights to deliver a healthcare intranet specifically designed to enhance patient care in healthcare

Financial Intranet Top 10 Product Enhancements

Last year was another banner year for Intranet Connections, which included the release of two new products, our Financial Intranet and our Healthcare Intranet. While this blog will solely focus on the feature enhancements that were delivered in our Financial Intranet, we will publish another blog shortly that will detail our Healthcare Intranet Product Enhancements. Why a Financial Intranet? Before we dive into the nuts-and-bolts, you may be asking yourself why a Financial Intranet over all others? This is a good question, one that we had to ask ourselves after 15 years of building a single intranet software platform to

Corporate Intranet Top 5 Product Enhancements

In 2013, our Software Development Team worked hard to deliver some incredible product enhancements to our intranet software. This lead to further improvements for our overall user experience. Some features, such as Mega Menus, were created by our team to drive the product forward with new innovative functionality.  Other features, such as Form Approval Export Options, were specifically requested by our customers to improve the efficiency of their internal business processes. The 2013 enhancements will revolutionize the way in which your employees utilize your business intranet, adding enhanced navigation, content approval and site features to an already robust Corporate Intranet. The following is

2012’s Top 10 Company Intranet Product Enhancements

2012 was a banner year for Intranet Connections, releasing game changing company intranet product enhancements that elevates the corporate intranet to the next level, intranet 2.0. The 2012 product enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg for what we have planned in 2013. However, our 2012 product releases revolutionized the way employees utilize the company intranet adding extended automation, mobility and collaboration aspects to an already robust business intranet.  Outlined here is a high level overview of our top 10 product enhancements of 2012:

Giving Thanks to our Business Intranet Clients

Today we thanks to all our business intranet clients for selecting us as their IT intranet partner and for providing us valuable feedback and workflow cases. With the recent release of V12.0 with Enhanced Form Builder, we give recognize a number of customers that gave us valuable input on how they were using our product and what features could be improved to optimize their workflows.

Top 20 SharePoint Alternatives – LinkedIn Poll

Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, recently started a poll on the Intranet Professionals LinkedIn Group asking the question: What technology is your intranet based? A total of 379 participants showed that almost 50% of the respondents selected options other than SharePoint as their intranet technology. Andrew shared the results on his popular Worldwide Intranet Challenge Blog: Top 20 Alternative Intranet Technologies to SharePoint We are happy to share that Intranet Connections ranked second in the top 20! Thank you to Andrew, the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, and our customers for participating and adding likes to the LinkedIn poll. More about